Best Time to Visit Nepal

There are certainly 4 varied time of year that contains its very own important. The best time to visit Nepal is depending on the perception of people today or individual. Simply how much higher the individuals wished to go while visiting in Nepal? If the everyone planned to go High Mountain (higher altitude) for the trekking, the ideal period is a dry or lukewarm season. From March to May and September to mid-December. In this time period, the climate is lovely (not too warm) as well as the skies will stay clear. The scenery of mountain tops is mineral very clear.

best time to trek in nepal
Best Time to Visit Nepal

After the mid-December until the last of February, the cold months of winter start and also run. During this cold weather period, the elevated high mountain there could be snowing and frosty chilled. However, in certain portion of the area similar to shorter trek, for instance, Ghorepani poon hill trek, there may be to some extend cool weather although best time to visit Nepal most of the year. There is numerous similar type of region that is on a regular basis touristic time. For example, Ghandruk adventure, added Ghorepani Poonhill trekking, Annapurna Community Dhaulagiri Trek, Helambu trek, Annapurna panorama trek etc.

Best time to visit Nepal

Actually, the spring time (Mar to May) and autumn (Sep To Nov) seasons are best peak period to go for tour as well as for the trekking and climbing. Now, I would really like to provide you with the suitable explanation of alternative 4 different seasons which is given below:

Spring (March to May)

This is often a blossoming period which is referred to as the flowering time. In this season almost all the flower, along with the rhododendron jungle appears to be beautifully lovely above 2500 m. You will feel like natural scenery has created you an emperor or even queen by falling down a bright colored leaf of the flower on the path. This springtime period is incredibly very much appropriate and best time to visit Nepal and also for the mountaineering expedition. In the lowland, the climatic conditions are somewhat warm. And average at a higher altitude of 4000 m, offers to discover the marvelous scene of awesome Himalayas.

Summer (June to August)

In fact, the time has come of total annual highest rain shower in the country. Generally, most of the natural part of a region in Nepal contains precipitation and monsoon period is going to be running. Simply because the monsoon commences in Nepal while the warm and moist air flow from the Indian Ocean arrives. Yet, this time of year is the most suitable for trekking in a few areas like desert sand region; Mustang (the forbidden kingdom), Dolpo or Nar-Phu valley and driving for the tour to tibet. Caused by the higher Himalayan ranges, the hot and humid atmosphere cannot go over the highlands and other areas stay on a desert. Therefore, this is also the season for best time to visit Nepal if you go to desert sand region.

Autumn (September to November)

September, October, and then November calendar months are referred to as an autumn season. This really is busiest interval season in the country. In this season, the temperature is incredibly enjoyable, dry and very clear. The visible of the mountain range is brilliant. During this period of atmospheric overall condition is neither too chilly in higher up mountain nor very hot in lowland Terai. All the pollution of environment of the atmosphere is swiped by the monsoon rainfall. A lot of visitors from all across the globe arrived to do High Mountain trekking.

Moreover, this is also the period of the grandest festival time in Nepal (Dashain and Tihar). Healthy climate tends to make simple to stroll in a higher up mountain in daylight hours. Evidently, it can be cold temperatures in early morning and evening time as well as during the night. Although not as much cold as in winter season. However, it truly is the best time to visit Nepal. In lowland Terai, you will have warm definitely not similar to spring season.

Winter (December to February)

This is the time period of dressed full of comfy clothes. This is a cold weather holiday season. But nevertheless, the typical weather is clear and peaceful in the highland. Landscapes are fantastic and breathtaking. In the higher mountain, it is usually very chilly. Occasionally even snowfall and frozen. Although, not in a hilly area and at lowlands such as Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan, and Lumbini. In December, January and February calendar months you are able to do the excursion over lowland Terai and hilly zone and 5 to 6 days’ short treks in the lower elevation hills part.

As an illustration, the more affordable altitude treks in Nepal are; Ghorepani trek or Poonhill adventure, Annapurna or Eco-lodge trek, Ghandruk trek etc. The good points are that in the winter months, probably not going you see the lot of trekkers on the route in higher mountains. Lastly, you have to be strongly geared up for the cold to step in upper mountains for trekking.

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