Bungee Jumping in Nepal with Bungy Nepal Adventure

Nepal is truly the country of extreme. Nowhere in the world there are some many things to see and do in Nepal. It is the land of massif Himalayas, deep valleys, fertile terai (low land), green hills, surging river, placid lakes, dense forest and vast grassland. This has created the friendliest environment for all types of people who want to visit Nepal and experience the unforgettable greeting of Namaste hospitality. Moreover, many things captivate those who are seeking for a peace of mind and thrill the adventures. Such as bungee jumping in Nepal, mountaineering, trekking, sightseeing, rafting, yoga & meditation etc. Nepal gives nice views and consequently, it’s excellent for such activities.

bungee jumping in Nepal
Prototype: Bungy Nepal Adventure – Pokhara

Aside from that, Nepal additionally offers scrumptious food and loads of purchasing shopping sites. If you are in search of some different experience, then go for Bungee Jumping in Nepal. Out of many activities in Nepal, Bungy Jump is one which has gained fame in the previous few years at a quick price. Each local in addition to vacationers pampers within the activity to get thrilled experience of free fall and flew like birds.

If you have planned to go to Nepal and go for bungee jumping, then here’s a little information for the very best experience.

Best Company for Bungee Jumping in Pokhara Nepal

Nepal is decorated with stunning views that make it an incredible place to take pleasure in bungee jumping. Here is solely one location in Pokhara that provide the chance to expertise it. Additionally, bungee jumping charge in Nepal is just not a priority once you wish to deal with manually or automatically. Normal price for bungee jumping is around 5500 to 6500 per jump in Nepal.

Bungy Nepal Adventure

This company was established in 2018 with the purpose to deliver high quality service with security atmosphere, and buyer satisfaction. Bungy Nepal adventure have faith in offering a very secure environment in concord with the native tradition where the individuals can enjoy themselves with the final word of private trial and thrill the adventure, which is beyond the imagination.

Bungy Nepal Adventure – Pokhara

Actually, it is run by a bungee jump specialist who have a long year of experience in bungy tourism sector in national and international level. It is the only a bungee jumping in Nepal at Pokhara that have cantilever bridge where you can feel Natural Bungy jumps experience. The concept of development & implementation of the project was set by the interested group of people who worked for the bungee.

Be sure that Bungy Nepal Adventure provide a confident and satisfying experience in a secure and managed atmosphere. Bungy jumping is a thrilling and safe adventure sports that gives you a chance to overcome your fears and check your will, as well as it makes you understand about your personal potential that you’ll always remember and unforgettable. The most likely part of this company is that they concentrate on serving to each jumper by checking braveness in a secure way & in an enjoyable manner where the individual can beat their fears easily.

Top 10 things to Know about Bungy Nepal adventure

  • First natural double deck cantilever bridge bungee jumping in Nepal.
  • Height of bungee lower deck 121 meters, upper deck 125 meters.
  • They also offer tower climbing (35 m height).
  • Just 3 km away from prithvi chowk and lakeside.
  • Above seti river, mesmerizing view of Annapurna range and Machhapuchre Himalaya in clear days.
  • The one who jumps will be pulled up with the help of a machine rather than landing in the river.
  • Many interesting things to do near – (mountain museum, fishtail fun park just 5 minutes apart).
  • Experienced and certified jump master (Thus full safety).
  • Souvenir shop (offer different interesting customized products).
  • Restaurant and coffee for refreshment and relaxation.

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Best time for bungee jumping in Nepal

Although the best time for bungee jump in Nepal is anytime of the 12 months. There are not any particular months or special season to do bungy jump in Nepal. But, for great suggestion March to May & September to November is the best time. Because in this spring & autumn season, the weather will become pleasant with clear sky. The temperature will mild and moderate. This time even best time to visit Nepal. But, better to avoid rainy season and winter season. If the weather is in favor, you’ll be able to take a pleasure on all days all months. Try to visit once at bungy Nepal adventure where the people are delightful and hospitality is very good.

How could I get to Bungy Nepal Adventure Company?

If you are looking to experience the bungee jumping in Nepal at Pokhara through Bungy Nepal Adventure then the jumping spot is located just 3 km away from the lakeside, Pokhara. You can reach lakeside easily by road. Once you reach at there, take a taxi and drive to the jumping spot which is just 10 minutes away from the lakeside. Actual location is just at Pardi Bazar, Bagmara Road, Pokhara, 400 meters ahead of International Mountain Museum. In the end, with little extra charge – a company also provide you the facilities of transportation service from/to the Hotel where you stay.

Need to Know Before Bungee Jumping in Nepal

  • Try not to think too much when you are at jumping spot.
  • Listen carefully & follow the instruction given by Jump master or specialist before jumping.
  • Don’t worry about the first bounce while jumping.
  • Wear proper comfy clothes & correct footwear/shoes for the jump.
  • Don’t forget to get your photograph for the stunning recollection.
  • Individuals beneath 18 years of age must get consent of their mother and father to get involve in jump.

In Conclusion

When you arrive at jumping platform, your instructor will fit your harness and will let you know what to do & think. Remember not to look at down and really think about to be ready to thrill the moment. Trust your instructor and your choice to be there. You would definitely recommend it. When you are jumping off the bridge, no nervous at all. Just enjoy it. At last, when you arrive at your home or hotel, look at the pictures. Really!! you will have delighted in your brave & that experience will be amazing way to remember about the bungee jumping in Nepal.

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More Photos of Bungy Nepal Adventure:

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