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Everest Base Camp Trek for Nepali

This article is all about Everest Base Camp Trek for Nepali. Everybody knows everest lies in Nepal. Nepali should proud to be a citizen of Sagarmatha, Nepal. You know, Everest is one of challenging trek that will make your experience memorable. The Himalayas of our country never disappoint you. Mount Everest Infront of eyes for the first time is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Here I am going to tell you the facts to make your trekking experience the best and most memorable. For instance, how to tackle the situation, what to bring, where to stay, & how much does it cost for EBC trek etc. This is the most comprehensive guide to the Everest Base Camp trek for Nepalis.

When you are able to reach the top of the last ascent, you will admire one of your greatest accomplishments. The Everest base camp trek is more than just a mountain. It is not like Annapurna Base Camp (4130 m), Mardi Base Camp Trek (4500 m). This EBC trek is Nepal’s most beautiful trek that provides a sense of expectation and excitement.

Everest Base Camp Trek for Nepali – Things to Know Before You Go

Everest Base camp in Nepal became a desired destination for all adventure seekers. But, majority of Nepalese people has not been to the everest region. All Nepalese we see in the Everest trek are guide & leaders from Kathmandu as well porters & other gentle indigenous people from Khumbu region.

However, many things have changed throughout the years. The number of Nepali tourist trekkers has been steadily growing. Now days, people are very aware to find the secure way to do trek in the Himalayas. But there are somethings need to know by the Nepalese tourist before planning Everest Base Camp Trek.

Flights to Lukla from/to Kathmandu or Ramechhap

Almost all tickets are booked by agencies prior the season start. Flight tickets price for the Nepalese is half of the foreigner. Better to book a flight tickets prior the trip date fixed. A ticket to Lukla flight is non-refundable.

In peak season, there will be very difficult to get a flight tickets. Therefore, the best way is to book a flight for Lukla after pre-confirmation of trip date for Everest Base Camp Trek.

When plane tickets appear to be difficult on your date, you can also choose several alternative ways to reach Everest Base Camp if you have a few more days.

You may easily take the alternative ways to Lukla if you don’t really want to deal with the inconvenience of planes and have a few spare days. Hiking via Jiri or Salleri is one of the options.

Knowledge of Altitude Sickness

Everest Base Camp is one of the most difficult and challenging treks in Nepal. In fact, the trail is not particularly difficult. But the altitude poses a great danger. It is not a trek like the Annapurna Circuit where we pass the throng la (5416 m) and descend to sleep at the lower elevation of Muktinath (3800 m).

In Everest base camp trek, we sleep at around 5000 m for two nights & you will reach at 5550 m (Kalapatthar) or 5364 m (EBC), where the oxygen level is low. Our bodies may not adjust well to having less oxygen at high elevations, which causes symptoms like; nausea, vomiting, sleeplessness, headache, loss of appetite etc.

Keep in Mind, there is half (1/2) of the oxygen at the sea level, and it is just 1/3rd at the base camp of Mount Everest about the height of 18,000 feet (5500 meters). You should not Ignore any AMS symptom, otherwise, serious warning sign can occur which can cause death within a few hours.

Being young, strong & fit doesn’t help. Medicine is not substitute for descent. Read carefully about the altitude sickness.
Preventive Measure: Drink plenty of water (4-5 liter), adjust your body with proper amount of rest, do not think too much, take it easy. If you feel any symptom, stay at lower elevation. Don’t push your body upward or uphill.

EBC Trek Insurance for Nepali

Every foreign trekker who are coming to do EBC trek obtain the travel insurance from their own country or purchase online. Their travel insurance covers against personal accident, medical expenses, loss of luggage, theft of travel documents, Emergency Evacuation (Heli Rescue or Air Ambulance if needed) etc. which in total $10,000 to $100,000 USD insurance coverage.

In Nepal, there is not any specific rule for health & safety insurance for Nepalese. In this developing country, government has not made mandatory for any type of insurance either for health or life or medical emergency (helicopter rescue.)

However, I haven’t seen any insurance company in Nepal that coverage the medical emergencies (Heli rescue incase of emergency) & loss of personal effects that covers for Nepali inside the country.

If you are thinking in the contest of Guide & Porters, it is actually coverage by company from where they work. Agencies will do insurance for guide & porters for EBC trek.

In the case of Nepali tourist, when you are suffering from serious illness (HAPE or HACE), evacuation from helicopter is only an option. Heli Rescue is very expensive which cost NPR 250,000 to NPR 300,000. While trekking to Everest region, Nepali should extremely careful to avoid altitude sickness & adhere the acclimatization guidelines.

Before You Decide to Purchase Travel Insurance

If you have a mastered or visa card that works to buy online then, suggest to purchase online travel insurance that works for Nepal & Nepali tourist. Recommended World Nomad Travel Insurance for people of Worldwide. This insurance company coverage up to 6000 Meter above the sea level including helicopter rescue & others medical expenses.

For non-resident Nepalese (NRN), people can also obtain travel insurance from their country of work place. This could be a good option for Nepali people who are living outside the country and using a mastered debit or credit card. They can easily purchase travel insurance of Everest Base Camp that coverage up to a height of 6000 M.

Guide & Porters for Nepali Tourist in EBC Trek

Do I need a guide and porter for the EBC trek? This may be a gambling question for Nepali tourists. If I tell you truly, I always recommend you to take both guide & porter. Because, they are really your supporters in every aspect of your trek.

This can also be great opportunity to know about the Himalayas hero. If you take experience EBC trek guide from Kathmandu or Lukla, you don’t have to take much stress about the trip uphill.

If you are confident enough to trek to EBC alone by carrying your own gear backpack, you don’t need any guides or porters. You just need a passion for travelling solo.

Otherwise, the benefit of hiring guide or porter is that they will be your true friends in the trekking. They will help to make your trip smooth and out of stress for lodging & fooding.

In the contest of EBC trek, if you are travelling with your own group unknowingly (without guide or porter) & suffered from AMS during the trekking, don’t forget to ask help from the lodge you stay. The owner is happy to help you as much as they can. Otherwise, you have to tackle the situation on your own.

Tipping or Tips

Definitely, tipping is not a culture of Nepal & Nepalese. But, in the mountain region of Nepal, majority of them are influenced with western & American culture. Hence, guide, porters & driver are expecting a tip. This became a mandatory for them to tip because of their involvement in tourism sector.

If you respect the hard effort of their services (guide, porters & driver services). Recommend to collect from you each Rs.400 per day for porter, Rs.500 for guide & Rs.100 for Driver. This actually a normal rate of tip for EBC trek guide & porter given by Nepali tourist after the successful complexion of trek.

Best time to Trek Everest Base Camp for Nepali Tourists

Flight redirected from Manthali Airport (Ramechhap) during the peak hiking season; Pre-Monsoon (March – April – May) & Post – Monsoon (September – October – November). If you are keen to trek EBC then, beginning or last quarters of the season – March or September / May or November is good for Nepalese tourist. Because this time you’ll have high chances of securing flights for Lukla.

If you want peace and calm weather with pleasant trekking, the beginning of winter from December to January or early June to September is a good season to go EBC for Nepali tourists.
Although, the visibility is excellent and the number of hikers is rather low. Unlikely you see the tourist. But the trekking will be perfect with awe-inspiring mountain views. This time you’ll not have any flights problems to schedule for morning time.

Everest Base Camp Trek Cost for Nepali

The cost of EBC is determined according to the type of service people choose. From cheap to expensive services, facilities can be found in the Everest trekking region. This is, of course, a high-altitude trek and the most preferable destination trek for every adventure enthusiast. The Everest base camp trek price for Nepalis is not that high as it seems. Aside from that, a number of things make this journey more affordable for Nepalese people.

EBC Permit for Nepali

In the Everest region, Nepalese simply require a national park permit that costs Rs 100 + 13% VAT. This same permit will work for all region of Sagarmatha National Park either for Gokyo lake trek or Chola pass.

However, for the foreigner, they have to pay for local permit (NRS 2000) & National park Permit (NRS 3000 + 13% VAT). To be a citizen of Himalayas country is a big benefit that Nepalese can take advantage of it.

If you go via Jiri, you may be required to pay an additional Rs.100 for the Gaurishankar National Park Permit.

Flights Kathmandu – Lukla – Kathmandu

The airfare for Kathmandu-Lukla-Kathmandu for Nepalis is half the price for foreigners.

The cost for Nepali

Approximately NRs. 6000 per person (one way trip). During the peak season, flights are redirected to Ramechhap. But flight fares are the same. There will be no discount for a short flight from Manthali airport to Lukla or either way.


The cost of accommodation has already been determined by the local government, which is fixed. Normal fixed price is applied only in normal tea house where there are minimal facilities for guest. There are also luxuries hotel which is very expensive. Like; Everest View Hotel. The cost of a normal tea house accommodation in Everest base camp trek typically starts at NPR 500 to NPR 1000. If you are looking for more comfortable, your cost will rise accordingly. Keep in mind, most of the rooms are shared by two people (Twin share basis).

Food on Everest Base Camp Trek for Nepalis

All types of food is available along the Everest Base Camp Trek. Especially, Western, Nepali dish (dal vat), Sherpa cuisines etc. are the most famous food available in all tea houses. The cost of food is determined by your action of consuming. I think most of the Nepali like to have Dhal Vat which comprises of rice, lentil soup, vegetable curry, pickle & so on.

Keep in mind that the menu prices are fixed for all citizen either foreigner or Nepalese. There might be little discount for Nepalese in some hotel & small cafés. Although, you must carry enough cash for your food & drinks.
Recommend to eat veggie items that are available in all tea houses amid the EBC trek. Meat is not recommended to consume. Because it is not allowed to slaughters animals in Khumbu region. All meat flown from Kathmandu or bring from lower region of Lukla & carried by porters and animals without refrigerated for 2-3 days and may be rotten (unhealthy to eat).

The actual cost for the food every day will be like 2500 to 3000 NRS including food & drinks. Therefore, estimate the cost accordingly for the food on the Everest Base Camp Trek.

EBC Trek Guide & Porter

As I have already mentioned, the EBC trek reaches a height of 5550 meters and is one of the most difficult treks in Nepal. If you need the services of a guide and a porter, the normal rate is NPR. 2000 per day for porters and NPR. 2500 per day for a guide. If you need a more mature and experienced guide, they charge a bit more than the normal rate.


Lukla, Phakding, Chumoa, and Monjo are some of the lower towns. Lodges give discounts for Nepalese on charging batteries and hot water. For the Internet, it is better to buy Everest Link Data that works superfast. Honestly, utilizing the Ncell & NTC call data packs could be beneficial for calling your friends and family at home. I have already utilized the internet data pack from Ncell and NTC. but it didn’t penetrate very well. If you just want to see the message, it is fine. Ncell-Work up to Pangboche | NTC-Works at Gorakshep.

Everest base Camp Trek Price for Nepali

To assist you in planning your budget while trekking in the region, I’ve created a thorough analysis of the trek expenditures for a 12 Nights / 13 Days – Everest Base Camp Trek.

Cost Calculation for Solo Nepali Trekker

  • Flight from KTM – LUKLA – KTM: NPR 6000 x 2 = NPR 12000
  • EBC Trek Permit: NPR 100 + 13 % VAT = NPR 113
  • Basic Accommodation (Twin Share): NPR 550 (Average cost) x 12 Nights = NPR 6600 (Average)
    Lukla, Phakding, Tengboche, Pheriche, Kyangjuma, Chumoa: NPR 500 x 6 Nights = NPR 3000
  • Namche Bazaar: NPR 500 Per Head (For room NPR 1000) = NPR 500 x 2 Nights = NPR 1000
  • Dingboche: NPR 500 x 2 Nights = NPR 1000 | Lobuche & Gorakshep: NPR 700 x 2 Nights = NPR 1400
    Some teahouse lodges during EBC trek offers the accommodation with attached bathroom. You need to pay extra for attached room. Cost will be determining according to the trekking season. Normally, it cost NPR 1000 to NPR 2000.

Aside from the fundamental expenditures, you should also be familiar with the following:

  • Cost of Hiring a Porter: NPR 2000 Per Day (You don’t need to pay for the lodging and food)
  • Cost of Hiring a Guide: NPR 3000 Per Day-(You don’t need to pay for the lodging and food)
  • Tipping or Tips: from each Rs.400 per day for Porter, Rs.500 for Guide, and Rs.100 for Driver, which will be 15 to 20% of total wages.
  • Hot Shower: Teahouse lodge has a separate hot shower bathroom with NRP 400-NPR 800 per shower.
  • Charging Device: Need to go to the dining hall for charging (NPR 150 to 500 Per Device).
  • Internet Wi-Fi: Everest Link WIFI 1 GB = Rs. 600; 10 GB = Rs. 2000; 20 GB = Rs. 3000 | Validity: 30 days from the first use. good for one device only. The 1GB card will be valid only for the lodge where you are staying. 10GB & 20GB work everywhere inside the lodge or wherever there is Everest link connection).

Finally, if you are planning to trek to Everest base camp in a peak season, make the right decision two months before your trek starts. Thus, contact some travel ticketing offices that help to book your tickets for flights to Lukla, either from Kathmandu or Ramechhap.

If you want us to arrange all these things for you, please tell us the number of people you are going to trek with, the number of days and your fixed travel date. Try to give as much information as possible so that we can quote a price for you and give the best possible service to you.

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