I am trekking & tour guide from Nepal as well travel blog writer & financial advisor. I know this is a difficult time thread posed by Covid-19 pandemic for all tourism sector industry like Hotel, Airlines, Travel & Tours companies, Trekking companies, Guides etc. Therefore, I have made a together for tourism network for all tourism related companies to assist each other and help to our valuable customers with lower rates to make a coming tourism better. A network is a mix of travel bloggers and tourism related companies (Hotel, Airlines, Travel agencies, Trekking agencies etc.). The partner organizations can join in this network from various travel sectors to make coming tourism better.

In order to join in this network, you need to follow some conditions which are as follows:

  • All companies should help to promote new destinations.
  • All tourism sector industry like Hotel, Airlines, Travel & Tours companies, Trekking companies, Guides, Sales, Community Homestay etc. can join in this group of together for tourism network.
  • All collaborator should support local business that make use of local services and encourage your guests to eat in local restaurants. This will not only give unique experience to your travelers. But you will also be supporting the local people directly.
  • Help to support local artists and artisans by purchasing to decorates your office and encourage about locally made goods and recommends about the local markets, stores & co-operatives.
  • Help to enhance the standard of society in the country to make a virtual society by providing Social and environmental responsible that help to serve and supports the communities.
  • We keep authority in needed to upgrade and revise these conditions whenever. Keep updated with any progressions.

Would you like to join in our network?

If you are keen on joining this network of partners, Contact Us. Let’s join in our platform together for tourism.

“Help Make Your Country Little Bit Better for Everyone!”

Our Collaborators


India: The Gypsy Chiring is Joydeep Phukan, a travel blogger based in Assam of North-East India. The website is a fusion of thrilling experiences and soothing stories on travel, adventure, hiking, trekking, mountaineering, cultures and nature, thoughts, poetry, and about life as a whole. It is also a platform for enthusiast writers to get their work published, thereby developing together through collaborations. He intends to promote the less-explored and off-beat destinations of North-East India. Expressing the authentic moments with nature, places, and culture is his passion.


Dominican Republic: Isaac Tours focus on unrivaled quality, offering intimate experiences without limitations. Our boutique mindset, paired with a lust for faraway cultures and a deep appreciation of the creative and elegant, is what has earned us a sophisticated niche and a loyal following. Our portfolio includes: Private Transportation, Trekking & Hiking, Eco-Tourism, Rental Homes, Investment, Nonprofit Educational and Sports Initiative.

Colombia: Walled city of Cartagena, is a tourism agency with a presence in the city of Cartagena and its surroundings.

Mexico: Franco Magno Mexico Travel Blogger is Mexico’s premier English language travel blog. Traveling advice, recommendations, strategies, tips and Mexico’s destinations analysis by the hand of Franco Magno, insider with over 25 years traveling experience in Mexico.


Spain: Bontryp is a travel consultant company that in addition to consulting the travel requirements for each destination, that helps to all kind of travelers to save time on travel searches and money on your trips.

United Kingdom: Flyingdog is travel blog focused on South East Asia including guides and information together with experiences and latest tourism news.

Greece: Food and Travel (Travel Blogger) – Travel blog to share experiences with other travelers from Greece and Europe . Traveling is a way to escape, learn, discover unique places and meet interesting people. Traveling is the only thing that makes you richer even if you spend money.

Spain: mysjuntosxelmundo (Travel Blogger) – A couple who likes to travel independently to learn about new cultures, visit great monuments and temples, surprise ourselves with great landscapes and discover new foods. In the blog are explained the information about the places visited, the routes of the trips, the accommodations and the typical meals together with the prices of all these things and anecdotes around the world.

Italy: Italia Straniera (Travel Blogger) Travel, art and culture blog, with news and bits of knowledge on the most intriguing and least known places in Italy.

Spain: Tripode de Viaje (Travel Blogger) Extremaduran couple living in Madrid, who In their blog report in complete path from their own experience about the places they have visited. They like to travel uninhibitedly and share the tips they have gotten the hang of during their outings. They likewise offer guidance on the most proficient method to get great photographs & their other extraordinary enthusiasm.