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Insurance for Everest Base Camp Trek

Everest Base Camp is one of the challenging and demanding treks in the world. Many peoples want to be near at the top of the world – Once in a life time. Hence, EBC is high altitude trek (around 5550 m). As a result, best travel insurance for everest base camp trek up to 6000m is required that cover against various risk factor that arises amid the trip.

insurance for everest base camp trek

Trekking to remote part is more enjoyable and pleasant to travel. But your health is primary concern. EBC trek is almost at remote part of Nepal – there is not any road way development in EBC trek. Still people use yak, mule & porters to transport goods in upper region.

Therefore, do not expect any medical facilities while trekking to EBC. Not possible to have a proper health treatment. If any unexpected serious illness occurs, rescue through the Helicopter is only an option. In some places like Lukla and Namche bazaar have small health post, but they don’t have sufficient medical requirement for the treatment.

At a high altitude in couple of weeks, exceptionally a lot of things may go wrong. For Instance; severe life-threatening symptom of high-altitude sickness like; HAPE (High Altitude Pulmonary Edema), or HACE (High Altitude Cerebral Edema). Other are a simple leg injury and you are unable to walk, Loss of luggage, personal effects, sprained ankles or knees etc. In order to cover against all this risk factor, you need travel insurance for the Everest base Camp trek.

Why Insurance for Everest Base Camp Trek?

There are lots of confusion to find right travel insurance company for the Nepal. But insurance is very important before trekking in Nepal. Recommended to purchase travel insurance that includes medical emergency & travel security. When you are at Everest base camp or somewhere in high altitude (remote part of trek), Air ambulance is necessary in case of serious illness. Travel insurance safeguard your travel investment that arises from unforeseen incidents before or after the trek.

Other key elements to consider while acquiring insurance include Emergency Medical Evacuation, Travel Safety like trip cancellation & disruption, Medical Expenses, loss of luggage, Personal effect, Death & Repatriation etc. Before making a final decision, it is recommended to carefully read & check the insurance and its coverages. You must carry the insurance with you all the time while travelling in Nepal.

Keep in mind that the cost of rescue or evacuation from helicopter is very expensive. Medical treatment is also costly in Kathmandu. Consequently, you need insurance for Everest Base Camp that cover all your risk factor.
This Everest base camp goes up to 5550 m (Kalapatthar). It is 12 to 14 days trekking from Lukla (2860 m). Trekkers start to listen their body as they go above 3000 m. Consideration over the high altitude is very essential.

Now, I am going to write about the things to know before purchasing travel insurance for Everest Base Camp Trek.

First & Foremost

If you have already existing insurance; like; Life or health insurance or any other travel insurance company, ask to them, if they can provide the coverage a level of activities for trekking or hiking to Everest base camp. There are several different types of travel insurance programs into the market.

The amount of coverage differs based on the nature of the incidence, your country of residency, the plan you select, and any extras or upgrades you purchase. So, before getting insurance, make sure to read the Terms and Conditions and collect all of the information you need from the insurance company.

Medical Care & Treatment

If you injured or ill due to unexpected circumstances, the travel insurance will be covered. There are two forms of insurance. One is just travel medical insurance; this form of insurance is for short term that will assist you in paying for medical bills.

Second one is advance medical insurance; this form of insurance for at least six months to a year. This type of insurance will cover all medical expenses that assist you to finding physicians, hospitals, healthcare facilities with good private care services.

Medical Evacuation Insurance for Everest Base Camp Trek

It is costly to rescue or evacuate from remote part of Nepal where there are no alternative methods of transportation. Among them Everest Base camp trek is one where there is lack of easy transportation. If anything, serious happen, Heli rescue is only an option. Therefore, you must have emergency evacuation, medical and treatment insurance. Make sure that your current insurance cover all these things and fully covered. It’s also crucial to understand how much insurance you have and when your medical coverage kicks in.

Medical Evacuation Insurance is most crucial and vital. This actually essential to rescue from helicopter if you get serious illness into the mountains. During the Everest base camp, it is not possible to have road way transport facilities. One & only option is helicopter rescue incase of emergency evacuation which is very costly.

Therefore, recommend to look best travel insurance company that provide the services for trekking up to 6000m. Because, Everest base camp is around 5550 meter above the sea level. If you don’t have insurance, your personal expenditures might potentially approach $10,000 or even $100,000. So, you have to think about this either you want bear yourself or purchase insurance.

Travel Security or Trip Cancellation Insurance for Everest Base Camp Trek

Sometimes, you will compel yourself to cancel the trip which has already confirmed and paid for the trek. This will happen due to sudden unexpected issue such as, loss of family member or business reason or any other reason. I think nobody wants to lose the money you’ve paid for the trip. As a result, obtaining travel insurance that cover trip cancellation is highly advisable.

As everybody know, things don’t always go as planned & you may need to cancel or alter your trip due to unforeseen circumstances. Because almost majority of the national and international agencies terms and conditions is that trip deposits are non-refundable. Having these coverages included in your insurance policy is advantageous.

There may be various reason comes out that cause you to cancel the trip. For Instance:

  • Missing flight connection & flight delayed due to inclement weather, natural disaster etc.
  • Unexpected business conflicts
  • Sudden changes in mind
  • Illness that causes a delay in the processing of your visa or passport
  • Concerns about the weather
  • Terrorist activity
  • On the route to the airport, there is an emergency or an accident.
  • In your neighborhood, there has been a fire or a flood.
  • Loss any of your family member due to unexpected circumstances.

The terms and conditions are different according to insurance company. Therefore, please read the policy carefully before purchasing, because this coverage may change depending on the insurance company.

Other (Loss of luggage or delayed, activity level etc.)

If your baggage that has been lost or delayed, some travel insurance policies will cover with particular small amount of money. Better to check the limit of coverage & protected that insurance company offers.

This Everest base camp trek going up to height of about 5550 meter above the sea level. There are best travel insurance policies covering up to 6000 m. Before you buy, be sure your insurance covers your Everest base camp level of trekking/hiking activities.

There are many exceptions to travel insurance, any specific events or things that are not covered by your policy should be noted.

Best travel insurance for Everest base camp trek

In my point of view the best travel insurance for Everest base Camp Trek is World Nomads. The following are some of the reason why I suggest World Nomads for Everest base Camp trek Insurance.

  • The world Nomad is best travel insurance for trekking/hiking up to 6000m. There are many travel insurances companies which policy cover up to 4000 to 5000 meters only. This is actually, insufficient for Everest base Camp trek. The reason is that, EBC trek goes up to around 5550 m. Therefore, select appropriate hiking/trekking insurance company that cover & fulfill your demand.
  • Actually, this insurance company cover over 130 countries people. They offer Emergency Accident & Sickness Medical Expense, Emergency Evacuation, Trip cancellation, Baggage & personal effect, Baggage Delay, Non-Medical Emergency Transportation, Trip interruption & many more.
  • This world nomad is highly recommended by lonely Planet, Tourradar, Intrepid, National geographic, Rough guides etc. If you really trust those companies then you can obtain insurance based on their recommendation.

The Special Facilities Provided By World Nomad For The Travel Insurance In Nepal.

  • They have a 24-hour emergency assistance (Keep the Number Saved). In the context of Everest base camp trek, if you have any serious illness due to high altitude. World Nomad travel insurance can cover your helicopter emergency evacuation.
  • It takes less than 5 minutes to obtain a quotation & you can buy it online. Doesn’t matter where you are at the moment. It is not very expensive to take out a policy for the duration of EBC trek. You can obtain anytime before commencing the trek. Do not forget to read the company terms and condition carefully.
  • World Nomad Insurance – Coverage even for medical expenses and medical evacuation / repatriation expenses if you’re accidentally injured whilst participating in over 200 adventure sports and activities while traveling abroad or over 100 miles from home.
  • There are many insurance companies we can see in the market place. Each company have their own benefits and drawbacks. However, in my opinion, World Nomad is the best travel insurance for any travelers or backpackers those who want to trek in Nepal. Actually, it includes all the main features of travel coverage. I admire the company leadership, low pricing, giving benefit to the ethical communities, Social Work, Corporate culture of providing the insurance for all travelers around the world.
  • World Nomad is a respected insurance company that offers excellent service, including 24-hour help and even coverage for natural disasters (earthquake, landslide, avalanche, and so on).

About Everest Base Camp Trek Insurance Cost

EBC insurance cost differ depending on the options an individual traveler chooses. Definitely the price value will be ups & down. Although a potentially lower insurance cost may appear attractive. Thus, carefully read the Policy Terms to verify your needs that are adequately covered in the case of an emergency. The following factor determine the cost of travel insurance:

The number of persons covered by the policy: a larger number of persons means more probabilities, which means higher risks.

Age of the Person: The older the person, the more expensive the policy will be.

The place of travel destinations: The cost of an insurance varies substantially based on the nations and areas it covers. Because of the high expense of medical treatment in the United States, vacations to Europe, for example, are frequently less expensive than vacations to the United States.

Length of Your Trip: The cost of the insurance is also depending on length of your trip. Single trip coverage costs are around half of a multi – trip coverage. For the regular traveler, it will be more cost effective. As you know, shorter journey provides a lesser chance of medical emergencies and travel disruptions. As a result, the cost will be cheaper.

Current Health Situations: If a traveler medical history indicates more probability of medical action need while traveling, their insurance cost will be higher.

Amount of coverage: There are various types of people or individuals like to choose between cheap & comprehensive costly travel insurance policy. Nevertheless, company try to offers as many insurance policies to their different customers that benefit to both, the company & Individual (who want to obtain insurance).

Trekking is the most popular activity in Nepal. This is a home to the world’s highest mountain and the world’s deepest canyon. Almost all of the world’s most stunning mountain peaks lies in this Himalaya country, which provide spectacular natural beauty along each hiking trail.

Moreover, trekking in Nepal need not be considering a risky affair, as far as your health is concern. There is not any specific health requirement for entry into Nepal. Consult to your doctor carefully about your health condition before trekking in Nepal.

However, you need travel insurance that covers cost of Heli Himalayan evacuation and medical charges in Nepal hospitals. Your travel insurance should have a minimum value of USD 10,000 to USD 100,000. If possible, you also can do the insurance of trip cancellation, flight incidents, medical expenses, loss of luggage, and other travel-related losses.

While trekking in Nepal, you must pick a travel insurance coverage that covers the cost of mountain helicopter rescue. Because, know body knows what will happen in high mountains. If you become ill or suffer from serious mountain accidents, rescue from helicopter is only an option.

Here are some recommended travel Insurance companies that covers trekking /hiking activities: (Read Insurance Policy Carefully Before obtaining & Travelling in Nepal).

travel insurance for trekking in Nepal

Trekking Travel Insurance with Helicopter Rescue – Worldwide

World Nomads: Coverage; Trip Cancellation – Trip Interruption – Trip Delay – Accidental Death & Dismemberment – Emergency Accident Medical Expense – Emergency Sickness Medical Expense – Emergency Evacuation – Repatriation of Remains – Non-Medical Emergency Evacuation – Baggage/Personal Effects Baggage Delay.

Global Rescue: Offers; Field Rescue – Medical Evacuation – Security consultation and evacuation services – Medical & security advisory services – Destination Reports & Event Alerts – Global Rescue Mobile App.

Insurance for Trekking in Nepal from Europe

Europe Assistance: They have a 50 + years of expertise in travel, medical and security insurance and support. They assist and preserve your holiday investment, such as loss of luggage or delayed, medical emergency or if cancelled your trip due to unforeseen circumstances. Thus, Europe Assistance able to provide broad range of services to both leisure & corporate travelers.

IHI Bupa: This insurance company also have different packages for European people that give 100% of eligible cover for hospitalization, medical evacuation & Repatriation. Others; Luggage theft, loss, damage, or delay – Passport and cash theft – Personal liability for property damage and bodily harm – Delay in travel/missed flight connection – Daily hospital benefit – Legal and security help – Bupa Global Assistance is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Insurance for Trekking in Nepal to Australian / New Zealand Citizen

Cover-More Travel Insurance: Coverage; Unexpected medical emergencies – Overseas Medical and Dental – Amendments or cancellation costs – Luggage and travel documents – Delayed luggage allowance – Money – Travel delay – Resumption of journey – Special events – Hospital incidentals – Disability – Accidental death – Personal liability – 24 hour emergency assistance – They also cover for Everest Base Camp Trek & Annapurna Circuit.

Ripcord Rescue Travel Insurance: Coverage: Travel Assistance – Medical Evacuation & Rescue – Security Evacuation – Trip Cancellation – Trip Interruption – Missed Connection – Trip Delays – Baggage & Personal effects – Accidental Death & Dismemberment – Emergencies Accident – Emergency Sickness Medical Expenses – Pre-Existing Conditions Waiver.

Allianz Insurance: Comprehensive travel insurance; Adventure Pack Benefit (3,000 meters up to 6,000 meters) – Overseas Emergency Assistance – Overseas Medical & Hospital Expenses – Accidental Death – Permanent Disability – Trip Cancellation cover – Travel Delays – lost, stolen or damaged luggage, personal effects & valuables – delayed luggage – lost, destroyed or stolen travel documents – theft of cash – Personal Liability.

I-Trek Travel Insurance: Coverage; Medical & Evacuation – Overseas Emergency Medical Assistance – Emergency Rescue – 24/7 emergency medical assistance – Medical & Hospital Expenses – Theft, accidental loss, or damage to your luggage and personal items – Cancellation & curtailment – Family Emergency & resumption of your journey – Lost or stolen passport, credit cards & travelers’ cheque.

Travel Insurance for Nepal to American & Canadian Citizen

Travel Guard: Package Includes; pre-existing medical condition waiver – Emergency medical expenses – Emergency evacuation and repatriation – Emergency dental – Lost, damaged & stolen luggage/personal effects – Trip cancellation – Trip interruption – Trip delay – 24/7 Emergency Travel Assistance.

IM Global: Benefits; Trip cancellation & interruption – Benefit for travel delay – emergency medical evacuation and repatriation – 24/7 Emergency Travel Assistance.

Tugo: This is specifically for Canadian people those who want to travel abroad and looking for best travel insurance then Tugo is go for you. They give benefit of Emergency Medical Insurance – COVID-19 Insurance – Trip Cancellation & trip Interruption – Accidental Death & Dismemberment – Non-Medical Package – All Inclusive Holiday Package – Emergency air transportation (must be pre-approved) – Remote evacuation – Baggage Insurance.

Atlas Travel Insurance: This company is design for all type of travelers looking for; Unexpected medical expenses coverage – including COVID-19-related expenditures – Emergency Medical Evacuation benefit – Additional travel advantage including Trip Interruption, Travel Delay, and Lost Checked Luggage.

Travelex Insurance Services: Benefits; 24-hour travel and emergency medical assistance – Trip Cancellation & Interruption – Trip Delay – Emergency Medical & Dental – Baggage & Personal Effects – Missed Flight Connections – Primary Coverage – Pre-existing Conditions – Accidental Death & Dismemberment – Medical Evacuation & Repatriation etc.

Travel Trekking Insurance for Nepal to Malaysian / Singapore Citizens

AIG Travel Insurance: Comprehensive coverage for overseas medical expenses – trip cancellation – travel interruptions and delays – emergency medical & accidental expenses – medical evacuation costs and lost – damaged or delayed baggage – Travel inconvenience – Natural Disaster – Global Assistance Service 24 Hour.

FWD Insurance: Benefit of Coverage; Unlimited Medical Evacuation – Overseas Medical expenses – Theft or damage of personal belonging – Baggage Delay – Travel Delay – Personal Liability – 24 hours emergency assistance – Trip disruption – Insolvency protection – Missed flight connection – Trip Diversion – Lost of passport & other travel documents – theft of money & many more.

Insurance for trekking in Nepal to British / UK Citizens

British Mountaineering Council (BMC): The Insurance policy of this company are for all sorts of hiking over 5000 Meters including climbing & mountaineering on most peaks up to 6500 meters. Under the heading of all activities travel, trek / hiking, rock climbing is covered.

Dog Tag UK: Dog Tag Extreme add benefit; Cancellation – Emergency Medical Expenses- Cutting short your trip – Personal possessions, money or travel documents – Departure delay, Abandonment – Personal Accident – Personal Liability – trekking up to 6,000 meters to 7000 meters.

Big Cat Travel Insurance: Key benefits of trekking Insurance include: Emergency Medical and Repatriation Expenses up to £10 million – Helicopter emergency rescue – Emergency Dental Cover – Cover duration of up to 24 months – Baggage Cover – Gadgets & Valuable Cover – No altitude limits with extreme activity pack. (For trekking in Nepal, the Nepal Trekking Pack add-on will need to be included. A 7,000m altitude limit is applied to this.) – One Way Travel – No return ticket requirement – Free Home visits – 156+ Sports and Activities – Loss of Passport & Visa replacement costs – Facility to arrange or extend Insurance anytime even you are already travelling.

Adventures Insurance: Peace of Mind Protection from this company includes Trekking up to 4000 m to 6000 m; Medical & Emergency Expenses – Search & Rescue Costs – Personal accidents – Personal Liability – Activity equipment – Legal Expenses – Curtailments – Cancellation – Loss of deposit – Travel delay & many others.

Campbell Irvine: This insurance company also coverage for trekking / hiking up to 7000 m. Emergency Medical Expenses – Personal Liability – Personal accident – cancellation or curtailment – travel delay – personal effects – legal expenses – 24 hours Emergency Assistant.

Must know about Everest base Camp Trek Insurance

The Everest Base Camp is located at a height of almost 5364 meters above the sea level. You must be confident that your adventure will be covered by your insurance policy. Just make sure it covers the cost of a helicopter/air ambulance rescue if it’s needed for medical reasons.

If you are going through any national or international agencies, you must give a copy of your travel insurance & emergency contact number. Otherwise, if you are trekking alone and need emergency helicopter rescue, then you must cope with yourself about travel insurance & authorization for an evacuation.

The reason is that, Himalayan Rescue Associations must be absolutely certain that you’ll will pay for the helicopter rescue. Never hide the problem you have at an altitude. If you get ill while trekking to EBC, tell to the hotel person that you need an emergency assistance. They are help you as much as they can.

If you are in guided trip, inform to your tour leader or guide about the symptom and condition you are facing in EBC trek. Don’t push your body to ascend, otherwise more serious symptom can occur which can even cause death within a few hours.

Keep in Mind that helicopter will not able to come for your rescue in the night time, it takes few hours to come even in the day time. Your type of illness & weather condition should match equally to get rescue from helicopter. Therefore, please be aware about all these things, either you’re trekking solo or guided trip.

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