I am very happy to be a Nepal tour guide. Because this is one of the most gratifying professions in the world. We will have a chance to meet amazing people and take them at awe-inspiring sites on a daily basis.

Definitely, running tour company has nothing to do with business at all if they don’t have ideal team leader or guide that motivate their clients or visitor to come back and tell their friends about the company they work for.

I think the most important things to know for a high – quality tour is having the genuine tour guide. I don’t mean that it is an easy job. But also, very challenging which is not for everybody.

“We can’t do this Tour Guide job if we don’t like persons or people. Actually, we have to love and care to the different kinds of People, enjoy talking with them about their company, and get in touch with everyone and give information about related topics. That is the actual nature of the job.”

Looking Loyal Nepal Tour Guide?

If you are looking for professional and loyal Nepal tour guide to make unforgettable trip for family trip or special groups or for couple travel, you have come to the right person. I am here to take care all of the needs in a capable and efficient way during the trip.private-nepal-tour-guide

I can fulfill your wishes and guarantee a smooth, bonafide and beyond the expectation holiday. Because I am a competitive Nepal travel blogger / tour guide and professional service provider that count a ton of value for the services I give.

If you have any confusion what to do, when, where and how long would like to visit. Then, as my Nepal tour guide experience, I will assist in tailoring the most perfect trip and can add in as many things to do like; top sightseeing tours, excursions and activities as you wish as well as all transportation services as needed and anything else that may require.

Role and Responsibility:

My Role during the trip will be informing, directing, advising and giving the relevant information about the places where we will land up the next. My responsibility is to make an interesting, informative and ensuring safety whereas clients can enjoy full trip as a whole without any hesitation.

Phone Call or Message Service:

As a responsive Nepal Tour Guide, I understand the significance of convenient and effective communication. Phone call or message can come up anyplace and whenever. I am here always, day or night. I never rest to sleep.

Top 10 Quality to look for while hiring a Freelance Nepal Tour Guide

1. Strong Communication Skill:

As I have already mentioned that working as a tour guide is not an easy job. They have to face lot of challenges during the trip. Because we have to communicate with new people on daily basis. So, that we should have strong communication skill and able to communicate clear and easy way that is understandable. Interpersonal quality can be a huge asset to communicate fine with people that make us skillful tour guide.

2. Need Enough Enthusiasm:

A tour guide which has a great enthusiasm only can give precise enough information about the attractions, tourist get to see as much as charm, get informed and learn and will have a good time while they travel.

3. Insight:

A Nepal tour guide should have a capacity to understand deeply and accurately of someone or somethings in the group of travelers. When you have an insight, you will have feeling or thought that helps you to know important about individuals in a group. For instance; clear, deep and quick understand of difficult problem or situation faced by an individual during the trip.

4. Local Knowledge:

A guide which has good knowledge about their locality is very important when they escort the tour. A leisure tour can be a day trip or couple of weeks, but guide should have a knowledge of local culture and history. Also, they can convey their own experience and personal stories to the tour. This can make a journey impression mainly superior for guests who are looking for an open experience outside the distinctive tourist attractions.

5. Promote working company:

Help to promote working company from where clients have booked the trip. Don’t ignore that tour company which has given opportunity of employments for Nepal Tour Guide. Explain to the guest about the company how they built up their reputation in this competitive market. What types of service they have given since establishment and How did you like the service provided by that company etc.

6. Ability to improvise and adapt:

During the trip, situation may change the moment. Such as bad weather conditions, trail blocked by landslide, strike or protest etc. during the tour which is beyond our control. In that situation, tour guide must be attentive with improvising and adapt to these changing situations. Should able to tell and calm their clients and keep up to date with changing times and determine how to continue their tour.

7. Professionalism:

Exceptional tour guide has a big demand in the travel market. This mean they have maintained their relationship by exposing a professional attitude at all times. Quality guide shows their behaviors by being honest, well-groomed, attentive, courteous and punctual that represent who they are. We Nepal tour guides should have ability to guide enthusiastically and make memorable experience of a life time.

8. Punctuality:

Time is must important factor in Punctuality. So that, we need to be on time and should have ability of time Management. If guide will not be on time at the guest meet up place there will be confusion, misunderstanding, frustration and unhappy tour.

9. Flexibility:

Great tour guide should be flexible with unpredicted issues and plan changes. A flexible to a circumstance can make a good tour even better.

10. Customer Satisfaction:

Customer Satisfaction must be our commitment and is our major priority to uplift our reputation in the Market. When we make customer satisfied, we will be more demanding private Nepal tour guide in the market.