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A few years ago, I was a porter on the Himalaya at the beginning. Now, freelancer trek/tour guides in Nepal from different travel agencies. I am very happy to be a Nepal Tour & Trek Guide. Actually, I would like to be the change in society. I would like to make sure that a certain percentage of your total travel cost goes to the upliftment of community tourism to preserve cultural tourism in Nepal and that the money goes to education for the children of Himalayan Porters.

“Make Your Adventure Today & Help Make the Society Little Bit Better for Everyone”

My plan is not only to support the children of Himalayan porters, but also save the fund for charity to the school improvements, destitute people, old age people, education sector & orphan organization, pregnancy women etc.


  • Obligation towards socio-environmental responsibility and serve & supports the community.
  • Enhance the standard of society in the country to make a virtual society by providing training to the community people.
  • Measuring customer’s satisfaction by figuring out what their needs and desires are.
  • Supports people to make successful learners, confident and creative individuals, active and informed citizens.
  • Be a part of ensuring that all people should have healthy education, shelter, food & clothes.

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