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Annapurna Trek are those trekking routes which are discovered in the Annapurna region. For Instance, Annapurna Base camp, Annapurna Circuit, Ghandruk, Mardi Himal trek, Annapurna Community and Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek etc. are some of the famous and “best trekking route in Nepal” to enjoy the view and master piece of Mt. Annapurna and Mt. Dhaulagiri Range. The trek provides the peace and security along with friendly and hospitable nature of people and culture. The ambience of the nature and pristine of place is beyond the expectation.

annapurna trek

The most perfect and suitable short treks which provide the occasion to view a beautiful mountains and natural landscape of Annapurna trek regions are Community Eco-lodge and Ghorepani poon hill trek. Both treks are 5 to 6 days, starting from Pokhara. But, while I experienced both trekking route at the same time 6 days, then I feel that this is my best trekking route in Nepal.

Because, as I went to trek, I found that in first day of the community eco-lodge is with family home stay was very wonderful moment to talk and interact with family members. The place where beautiful garden of orange splash. The atmosphere and landscape of an area is perfectly in suitable place. In next two days, the lodges are on community basis that has generated the employment opportunities to the local people from tourism.

On this particular Annapurna trek, the route is incredibly very much thrilling and all natural, pretty much simple to take a walk. Regular day trekking time and effort is someplace four to five hours. And some-where 5 to 6 hours. However, the trekking is most beneficial treks in Nepal. If you have limited time and want to explore many natural Mountain View in short period then this Annapurna eco-lodge along with Ghorepani poon hill trek is better than best.

On the last one day, not like city hotel but, to some extent, luxury lodges are available which are built by local people. Lies in the popular trekking trail called Poonhill trek. In the part of Annapurna trek this five to six days’ treks provide two experiences: In one hand we see life style and culture of the people in eco-lodge trek.

On the other hand, we feel in touch to the popular trekking route. Surrounded by beautiful mountains, the trails and other include stream, waterfall, living creatures like birds and animals, dense forested rhododendron etc. made me this trek a best trekking route in Nepal. The trek is begins by driving from Pokhara to starting point of trek at Galeshwor. After that, you will start feel surrounding environment in crazy view of river and city from the top of stone platform.

Honestly, if I tell you, why I like Annapurna trek? Coz, trekking trail and magnificent view with natural green landscape of passes are amazingly, awesome. Even I cannot explain how much pleasure it gave or gives me. If you don’t believe me then try once. Either I am right or wrong. The best time to visit this trek in Nepal is round the year, best season will be spring and autumn seasons.

My Day to Day Itinerary From Annapurna Community Eco-Lodge to Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek.

annapurna trek

Day 01: Drive 6 to 7 hrs. From Kathmandu (1400 m) to Pokhara (830 m)

Actually, we started our journey from 3 km west of the monkey temple at Kathmandu, where we lives. We took a taxi to the tourist bus park up to Kantipath which cost Nrs.300 from Dhungedhara. Already, I bought a ticket from the hotel. So, it was no problem for us about ticket to Pokhara (Cost Rs. 1000 per person).

One thing is that, to do any of the Annapurna trek we need to be in Pokhara. So, at 7 am we were driven to Pokhara from Kantipath, Kathmandu for the “best trekking route in Nepal”. After passes the pavilion field of locals and army camp along with Martyrs gate and vegetable market, we arrived to the check-in and check-out point. Where police force make an entry of all the buses and vehicles for security purpose.

After make an entry, we drive for two and half hours and stopped for Highway Breakfast. The breakfast time is normally 20 min in every highway in Nepal. We had our breakfast and drive with scenic view to Pokhara (one of the tourist address of Nepal) by taking lunch break as well. Overnight stay at lakeside Pokhara in the guest house and prepared for the Annapurna Trek – Best Trekking route in Nepal for the next day.

Day 02: Drive 3 to 4 hrs. To Galeshwor (900 m) and Trek to Baskharka (1500 m)

On this second day, from the beautiful lake city, Pokhara. We were driving for 3 to 4 hrs. to Galeshwor. Here, we stopped for the lunch before heading towards the family homestay place. We spend 1hrs for lunch at noon and began our best trek to Baskharka.

After crossing the suspension bridge, again few minutes of walk after another suspension bridge we cross. Walking through narrow trail with river view below, we headed up for 3hrs to pasture at Baskharka. The major attraction of this Annapurna eco lodge trekking trail that we saw typical traditional houses, lifestyle and cultures of people, beautiful orange tree surrounding garden within villages, spectacular Mt. Dhaulagiri range etc.

As you reached at Baskharka, there are around 65 houses of Magar ethnic groups. Among any one of house we had a rest for the night. For dinner and breakfast we have to be in Dining hall of the community. Which lies in the middle of village. Keep in mind that, this is only a part of Annapurna trek, there are many other best trekking route in Nepal. But, my favorite one is this.

Day 03: From Baskharka – Trek to Nangi (2300 m)

After having our breakfast, the trail lead upwards on stone steps for two and half hours. Afterwards, mixture of traditional comfort trail. The path and view in between are stunning and perfectly awesome. Green alpine tree and rhododendron forested area with the combination of White Mountain are very wonderful contracted view.

Like around 5 to 6 hrs. we trek to Nangi from Baskharka. But, after a lunch is just two hrs. to Nangi. Actually, from the lunch place the Mt. Dhaulagiri and Mt. Annapurna range looking spectacular and magnificent. After lunch, the trail is easy walk and passes through mountain terrain with beautiful view and reach at Nangi.

A beautiful place from where Dhaulagiri and Mt. Annapurna range seems so close. So, come for Annapurna trek- enjoy the difference that makes a best trekking route in Nepal. After arriving at Nangi, in the late afternoon, we went to visit school and hand-made paper factory just a min walk from the community lodge.

Day 04: From Nangi – Trek to Mohara Danda (3300 m)

Today is difficult trek as well as long in the middle of all days. At least we hiked for 6 to 7 hrs up to Mohara Danda. After lunch, we walk on stone steps for around half an hours and trail goes from side to side in fine path. In the middle, conifer trees and rhododendron jungle with the scenery of striking mountains sight makes to feel the best trekking route in Nepal, I ever choose to find in Annapurna trek.

Actually, for today, we have to carry a pack lunch from the last night stops. Successively, in 3 hours from Nangi, we cross the Hampal Danda (3100 m) and stop for lunch. We spend an hours in the pass and enjoyed a brilliant mountain ranges with good sun bath. After taking lunch, we hiked for two and half hours to our destination Mohara by enjoying the beautiful natural trail where unlikely we see the tourist.

As we touched to Mohara Danda the highest altitude place of the trekking (3300 m), awe-inspiring panoramic view of mountains ranges. As soon as, very excited to take a lots of picture. In point of fact, I have been to all Annapurna trek region. But, I haven’t been to like this trek ever before which made me feel this is a best trekking route in Nepal for those who have limited time to spare.

Day 05: From Mohara Danda – Trek to Banthanti (2210 m) via Ghorepani Poon hill (3210 m).

Early in the morning, we wake up for sunrise view which is rising from the mountains. After breakfast, we descend through the rhododendron forest and directed upwards to poon hill. This is famous hill top, where great number of tourists are coming by hiking one hrs. from Ghorepani to see sunrise view.

In Annapurna trek region, Ghorepani poon hill trek is very popular short trekking route. The lodges are to some extent luxury then before day of destination. Spending half and hours in poon hill gives pristine and cool ambience that comes from outstanding Annapurna and Dhaulagiri mountain ranges. Sunrise view from poon hill is very famous all over the world. People those who do the Ghorepani trek 5 days.

Often says that this is short best trekking trail in Nepal. Now let’s come to the point, after spending half hours in poon hill we will descend to Ghorepani and stop for lunch. After having lunch, we step downwards through world largest rhododendron forest to Banthanti where we go for rest to night. The place is on perfect destination from where we can see the beautiful Annapurna south, Himchuli and fishtail rising from Green Mountain. Now, what’s your plan about Annapurna trek?

Day 06: From Banthanti – Trek to Nayapul (1070 m) and drive back to Pokhara (830 m)

Very soon my best trekking trail in Nepal is close to end. After taking early breakfast from lodge, we descent to Tikhedhunga and stop for tea break. Afterwards, wide stone with graveled trail lead up to the end of trek.

Passing by river and suspension bridge you will reach at Nayapul and drive back to Pokhara which takes 1 and half hours.

There are lots of local buses run time to time. Also, in Nayapul, there are lots of cars standing behind. But, we took a taxi and driven back to Pokhara which cost Rs. 2500 for a car.

Do I need a permit for this Annapurna trek?

Yes! You need a permit for this trek. Actually, in this Annapurna Eco-lodge via Ghorepani Poonhill trek “The best trekking route in Nepal”, one time you have to show the permit before end of trek, at the time of check out from Annapurna region after passing popular Annapurna Ghorepani trek.

If you are planning to go only Annapurna community eco-lodge trek, than you don’t need any permit. Because it is running by community project since 2010 and is under promotion. But, for all other trekking regions both time while check in and check out period you need a valid entry permit. To get valid entry permit you have to visit Nepal tourism board at Bhrikutimandap, Kathmandu or in Pokhara.

The Annapurna trek permit is only for foreigner but exactly no need for Nepalese. You need 2 passport size photograph and your valid passport. Cost is like as follows:

Entry Fee NRs. 3000 for foreign nationals and NRs 1000 for SAARC Nationals. But, the price is per person and only for single entry. The permit is non-refundable and non-transferable.

Another, for any Annapurna trek region you also need TIMS (Trekking information Management System) which cost NRs 1000 per person.

Do I need a guide and porter for this short Annapurna trek in Nepal?

Actually, it is very hard to tell you that either you need a guide and porter or not. If you are expert in reading map and aware of medical requirements in difficulty situation, definitely, you don’t need a guide. You can take a Basic English porter who knows a trail very well. But, we took a local person from Baskharka as well as we are from Nepal and did a trek as a Nepali tourist. So, we had no problem to find out a trail.

If I suggest you then, take both guide and porter who helps you in making your “Annapurna trek” enjoyable. And also they help makes a holiday homely, pleasant and fulfilling. There will be no worry about language and other things like; Serving food and lodges. Just you need to pay them per day as a service charge. Your safety will be major concern and you will feel safe. But, take a approve guide and porter while trekking in Nepal.

Another, if you take a authorize guide and porter on this trek in Nepal, they can easily handle you in emergency situation. For example: if you need rescue or evacuation and other possibilities. Try to find out best agency that can provide you approved government licensed guide and porter.

Where do I have to rest for night on this Annapurna Trek?

In most of the Annapurna trek region, you have to rest for night in local guest house (Local Lodges) run by local people. But, on this Annapurna community eco-lodge via Ghorepani poon hill trek, first day you have to sleep in family home stay and next two days you will sleep in Community eco-lodge. And last one day in local guest house.

Which are built in an environmentally friendly way. Most of the room are in twin share basis. Another, about toilet and bathroom in the family home stay and in lodges are basic. Sometime a toilet and bathroom will be outside and away from where you are sitting.

For a hot shower, have to pay little charge (NRs 100 to 200 per person). In fact in family homestay, very hot water in the basket with jug is provided. And at last have to add cold water and should take a shower inside bathroom.

What kind of food is available in Annapurna Trek?

If I tell you about food in this short Annapurna trek then, food are on fixed choice basis. Actually, quite comprehensive menu is provided, from where you have to indicate.

Like: Dal vat typical food, which comprises of rice, dal soup, vegetable curry made from timely vegetable accessible locally. Other dishes include chapatti curry, totally from pancake, muesli, porridge, Tibetan bread etc. even apple pie are also available.

Food is cooked by local people that can easily meet the standard of guest. No need to worry about food and sanitation.

Can you tell me about drinking water in Annapurna Trek?

Yes! Of course, water from rural community tape is not safe to drink. However, in the lodges there will be boiled or filter or sealed mineral bottle water is available, that is fine for drinking.

Even if you want to drink a tape water, use a purification tablet or drops and keep till 15 to 20 min before using it. So, do not forget to carry the water purification tablet or drops which is very essential during any trekking time even in Annapurna trek, the “best trekking trail in Nepal”.

What about the people and culture in Annapurna Trek?

Mountainous people are Mongolian feature and there fair complexion is looked like mongolaid. Most of the people living in this trekking area are Magar people.

It is said that they have been originating from southern slant of Annapurna Himalaya and also migrating from Mongolia via Tibet and made settlement over Annapurna trek regions. So, keep your eyes, ear and mind open, not only to learn from your hosts, but also to encourage right behavior.

Be a good example by spreading the word about eco-tourism. Do not take a photograph of people without taking permission. Discourage begging and encourage fair dealing. Speak Nepali and local language to the best of your ability.

What gears should I carry for this short Annapurna trek?

  • Belly strap carrying bag which is easy and light to carry
  • Trekking boot and one light shoes to wear in the lodges after arriving
  • 2-3 cotton T-shirt or any other type of t-shirt what you like
  • 2 pair of sucks
  • Flees or down jacket
  • First –Aid kit with essential sufficient requirement
  • Woolen hat
  • Rain coat and rain proof trouser
  • One inside flees trouser
  • Sun screen or sun tan lotion
  • One half liter thermos
  • Pair of hand globes
  • One thermal coat

These are the basic things. But, according to your experience and judgement, carry that are required for you.