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Best Sleeping Bag for Everest Base Camp Trek

What’s the best sleeping bag for the Everest Base Camp trek? This question comes into everyone’s mind for one reason: the EBC trek goes up to 5545 meters (Kalapatthar) and sleeps at about 5200 meters (Gorakshep). On an Everest Base Camp trek, a thick sleeping bag is prominent for staying warm and getting a decent night’s sleep. On your walk, especially in the high mountainous areas, the nights might be bitterly cold. If money isn’t an issue, I’d recommend a duck or goose-down sleeping bag.

best sleeping bag for everest base camp trek

There are several less expensive synthetic alternatives that are really nice and do work but can’t compare to the insulating physiognomies of duck & goose down. The quality of the down is determined by the age and surroundings of the birds. However, goose feathers are longer than duck feathers, consequently, goose down is warmer than duck down. Goose down is therefore more expensive than duck down. But, both types of sleeping bag is perfect for the EBC trek.

Things to Know Before Buying Best Sleeping Bag for Everest Base Camp Trek

When we trek above 3000 m, the nights will get very cold, particularly at the beginning of the pre-monsoon season (March to May) and at the end of the post-monsoon season (September to November). At this time of the year, you need a down sleeping bag that keeps you warm throughout the EBC trek.

Each lodge provides you with a single layer of warm blankets for each bed. But, cannot make guarantee getting enough blankets during the peak season. Thus, suggested having a warmer-rated sleeping bag with you all the time. I am going to mention below some of the things that may help you to choose the right sleeping bag while you’re planning to Everest Base Camp Trek.

1. Appropriate:

Finding an appropriate sleeping bag is quite challenging. However, some sleeping bags are available in a normal design that is suitable for both sexes (unisex) which indicates to suit a guy. For females, appropriate sleeping bags are often flat in the hips, slimmer on the elbows, and warmer on the feet. Women’s sleeping bags may appeal to certain guys, whereas taller, thinner women may prefer a men’s or unisex version.

2. Temperature scales:

Almost every quality sleeping bag has a temperature scale that measures the comfort level of warmness. Meanwhile, you can always unzip a sleeping bag if it becomes too hot, choose one with a lower temperature rating than the lowest overnight temperature you predict where you are going. There’s also a Limit and Extreme temperature listed, for instance: Summer Season bag type +30° F & Higher | 3 Season +15°F to 30ׄ°F | Winter Season +15°F and lower. Everyone feels cold & hot differently, read some references before using.

3. Weightiness:

The heaviness of the sleeping bag also determines the warmth of the sack. The perfect sleeping bag is one that is both light and warm. A lightweight sleeping bag performs admirably even in cold & dry weather. It is frequently treated with a water-resistant layer to keep it dry in wet situations. Also, have a look at just how little it is when packed in its compressed bag – will it go in your backpack?

4. Zipper Feature:

Look for a sleeping bag with more than one zip that can unzip the whole length of the bag to regulate airflow. If you will have multiple zips in the bag, it plays vital to vent your feet and body. Some bags avoid zipper ripping along its full length; others solve with just the opposite. Therefore, make sure there’s a substantial perplex of fabric and fill behind the zips.

5. Sleeping Bag Shape:

There are different types & shapes of sleeping bags available in the market. For instance; Rectangular, semi-rectangular, mummy & double bags. It’s your choice which type would you prefer to purchase. However, in the Everest base camp trek, semi-rectangular & mummy types of bags are mostly in use because of separate two beds in each room of the tea house lodge.

  • Rectangular: Both legs and arms may stretch out comfortably in these bags.
  • Semi-Rectangular: Due to its tighter fit, it is better for heat preservation. It is also called a modified mummy.
  • Mummy: This bag is designed with a tight fit to increase warmth and save weight. You can rollover with your bag.
  • Double: Couples who want to sleep together should go for this double bag that is designed for two.

6. Insulation or Fill:

Sleeping bags can be filled with either down (goose, duck, or eider) or synthetic insulation (a combination of artificial fibers).

  • Down Insulation: It is naturally light and provides better warmth and is lightweight to carry. It’s generally made up of feathers and down; the higher the quality of down, the more efficiently it will keep warm. For the Everest Base Camp Trek, the fill power of down should be a minimum of 600 to 700. (Higher the number, the better the quality).
  • Synthetic Insulation: It is actually affordable, cheaper than down. There is no doubt about the warm as down, but it is very difficult to pack compactly. If it gets wet, it performs admirably & also dries fast. The less expensive the fill, the less effective it is.

Best Sleeping Bag for Everest Base Camp Trek

1. Rab Ascent 700

This is a very popular & good sleeping bag for the Everest Base Camp trek. This is a mummy sleeping bag, and it’s great for keeping your head & body warm on cold nights when you’re out trekking to base camp. I have seen many trekkers have used this quite a lot of times in Everest Base Camp & it’s fine they replied.

everest trekking sleeping bag

Actually, this is A cozy sleeping bag filled with 650-fill power duck down and featuring a recycled, wind-resistant shell. Those looking to purchase their first down sleeping bag for the EBC trek are recommended.

Rab Ascent 700 sleeping bag brand is best in chilly environments because you will find its comfortable wide shape & an ideal choice for those who are looking first purchase for mountains treks.

  • Down: 700g of the best goose down.
  • Weight: 1290g.

2. Mountain Equipment Helium 600

Mountain Equipment Helium 600 is a very good sleeping bag, and this is unique among the best of them. In most ways, it’s the same as the Rab Ascent 700, but it’s a bit soft & easy to pack and has a few extra features, like the comfortable chin baffles that keep your body and head warm.

This sleeping bag is warm enough to use in early springtime & autumn at higher elevations or in the EBC Trek. It is light and small enough to carry.

  • The heaviness of down fill: 620g
  • Weight: 1030g

3. Vango Venom 600 Sleeping Bag

The Venom is an excellent sleeping bag, and it is incredibly lightweight, making it an excellent choice for anyone who is trying to save most of those kilograms while packing.

The Vango Venom Sleeping Bag is superb warm & lightweight, has a small pack size, and a price point that is reasonable; therefore, it is easy to see why they have been so incredibly popular for such a long time among trekkers, and backpackers. But it would be perfect for the trek to Everest Base Camp.

Vango has also made the decision to improve the insulation by using hydrophobic, ethically sourced down with a fill power of 700. This ensures that the duck down will remain dry for four times as long as it would if it were left untreated. This allows you to stay warmer for longer.

The Vango Venom 600 sleeping plays a four-season game that is made to keep your body heat in as much as possible to keep you nice and warm and cozy. It does this by having an ergonomic omega shape, package fabrication, a neck baffle, and climate-controlled zip baffles.

  • Weight: 1250g
  • Down: Hydro barrier duck down 700 fills Power
  • Comfort: Up to ( -3)
  • Limit: Up to (-10)
  • Extreme: Up to (- 28)

In conclusion about best sleeping bag for everest base camp trek

We hope that you found our blog post helpful! Sleeping is a very important part of the Everest Base Camp trek, so we hope that you will be able to make the most of each night on the trek by staying warm and sleeping well. If you are going on the trek and plan on carrying a sleeping bag with you, you should be sure to take quality with comfy & warm enough.

Actually, the mentioned brand sleeping bags have many positive reviews and are one of the best-rated sleeping bags on the market. So you can be confident that this is a quality sleeping bag. We would love to hear any questions or comments you have about anything we mentioned in our blog post. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you are planning to trek EBC. Thank you for reading. We hope to hear from you soon!

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