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Everest Base Camp Trek Cost Details

Before planning to Everest Base Camp, you should decide about the cost. This all varies according to the type of trekking you are willing to do, what season you would like to go, pace of your walk along the trail, etc. That all matters. Actually, I have been doing a lot of hiking and trekking in Nepal. As a trekking guide, I have been to the Everest base camp a lot. I have already had various links with agencies and people around Kathmandu and Lukla. Therefore, I am here going to give you detail about the everest base camp trek cost with joining group or fully independent.

everest base camp trek cost price

I have written everything over here about the cost of a trek that I experienced during the Everest base camp trek. Actually, the cost of the trek should be enough to make a comfortable journey during the trek. However, the trek to EBC is much more expensive than other regions like Annapurna Base Camp & Annapurna Circuit, Annapurna Trek, Mardi Base Camp, Khopra Danda Trek etc. You must have a sufficient budget to buy tea or coffee, or plenty of food when you get pretty hungry and thirsty.

Anyway, you can also be economical according to your budget standard. If you tell us about your budget, I will even give you the best time to trek in Nepal and other essential information that is required for your successful trip to Nepal.

How much does Everest Base Camp Trek cost?

This is real questions that people normally ask before heading or planning to do Everest base camp trek. The cost of trek to EBC is differ according to the types of trek people do. Either the luxuries with full board or just a service trek with only the inclusion of transportation and accommodation. In fact, the lowest is $600 to thousands of dollars people expense in average in trekking.

But, the minimal cost for the trek with the exclusion of flight (KTM – LUKLA – KTM) could be as mentioned, starting from six hundred US dollars. However, there are various national and international agencies who offer different package tour costs for the Everest base camp trek.

Average package price without worries of stress falls under the budget could be different, which are as follows:

  • EBC Trek fully self- independent cost – $750 to $850
  • EBC Trek with a porter on your own – $1000 to $1100
  • With a guide, go on an independent EBC trek a total cost – $1000 to $1200
  • $1400 to $1500 – for an independent EBC trek with a guide and porter.
  • $1500 to $1600 – for a package tour of the EBC trek with a local agency.
  • $1600 to $1700 – for a package tour of the EBC trek with foreign agency.

As I have already mentioned, the Everest Base Camp trek cost is quite expensive compared to other well-known trekking routes in Nepal, such as the Annapurna Circuit, Annapurna Base Camp trek, Mardi Himal Trek, Khopra Danda Trek, etc., due to the high cost of flight transportation from Kathmandu-Lukla-Kathmandu.

Trekking to Everest Base Camp Cost Minimize in Diverse Way

A very important concept needs to be developed before choosing the mode of trek and the company with whom you are going to do the trek. The most significant factor is how much your trek will cost. Either you would like to book a full-board (lunch, breakfast, dinner, transportation, accommodation, etc.) package tour from an international or local agency, where everything for your adventure is taken care of for you.

You can choose to hire your own guide and porters if needed, or go it alone. Regardless of the route you want to take, you will be rewarded for your efforts. In most places, everyone lives and eats in the same tea houses, so the food and services along the way would be very similar.

If you are confident enough to do the trek independently, that is also not a bad idea. But you are going to a high height; So, better to choose an organized tour via international or local agencies which can be a good option. The only difference is that it is a much easier and safer way to plan your trip Everest Base camp Trek Itinerary. But it could be exclusive option.

Trekking with a local guide and porter is less expensive than taking a package tour. In order to get in touch with porters and guides in Kathmandu; simply visit any local agency and they will help you arrange personnel for your needs.

It’s not difficult to do it by yourself, and the only thing you’ll need to organize is flights from Kathmandu to Lukla. If you prefer to go overland then you should be able to organize bus, or jeep tickets from Ktm to Lukla. It is not important to book anything because you follow a very straightforward route and everyone stays in the same small “settlements” with numerous tea houses.

Everest Base Camp Trek Actual Cost

The most important decision you must make is whether you will book a tour through a local agent before you arrive or whether you will book a package tour through a tour operator through the internet before you arrive. There are many outbound and inbound tour operator companies.

All of them normally use the same guides and porters. But when you book an Everest trek in Nepal or any other best trek package through foreign agencies, you will directly support the local communities that pay proper wages to their leaders and porters. Do find the proper agencies that can take care of your wellbeing and pay for your trip. You want to go with a company that employs the best people.

During the EBC trek; we had faced that a tourist who was trekking with local guide went to base camp together, but later he leaves his guide behind & walked away. In the evening at the time of dinner he was unable to attend at the dinning hall. A guide and personnel of tea house started to search him after a few hours of waiting beyond. Actually, it was already a very dark and almost -20 Degree outside. He lost to find his lodges.

But, finally found his way back to his lodges after 1 hour of search. This could also happen if you don’t find proper guidance guide from your company you paid for the trip cost. I believe that working with a credible agency would provide you with that self-possession or assurance.

Trekking over Annapurna Circuit the highest pass in the world was a great experience and beyond my imagination. But, to describe the EBC Trek Cost is much more interesting than the Annapurna Circuit Trek Experience.

Everest Base Camp Trek Cost Package with International Agency

Nobody can make sure the cost of EBC trek will be this much. Some people they spend a little more and some body spent a less than expected. The cost also can be determined by the types of services a company provide. Like; VIP or Tourist Standard or Budgeted.

Normally, if you plan to go 15 Days from arrival to departure (KTM to KTM) package tour with foreign agency costs around $1200 to $1350 Service Charge (cost for guide, porter and company survival) plus $650 for food & snacks; after all total $1850 to $2000. For instance: (1200 + 650 = 1850) / (1350 + 650 = 2000).

A well-known foreign tour operator like G Adventures offers the Everest Base Camp Trek in Nepal for 15 days, Kathmandu to Kathmandu journey. The trek will be accompanied by an English-speaking local guide and assistants for the trek, trekking to Everest Base Camp and internal flights. All transport between destinations and to and from included activities. Porters are included during the trek. But there will be no food served. because food is not included in the price.

Actually, I used to work at G Adventures for 2 years. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I didn’t get a chance to work further. Therefore, I decided to be a socially responsible tour guide in Nepal and started blogging and working as a freelance tour and trek guide in Nepal. If you travel with me, almost 50% of our profit goes through help to the destitute people and children of Himalayan porters. Let’s join hands together to help make society a little bit better for everyone.

everest base camp trek cost

Everest Base Camp Trek Cost Package with a Local Agency

There are many price tags in front of local agency offices. A 15-day EBC Trek package trip costs around
$1500 to $1600 on average. The benefit of booking through a local organization is that it will advantage the indigenous local people. While you walk along the market in Kathmandu, you will get several incredible deals. There you will find a 13-day EBC trek for just $1100 to $1500 USD.

When you come across such local companies, your price will hike according to services you would like to take. But roughly it will be the same what you’d seen in online. Even if you choose to go through Hotel / Motel. However, almost every hotel they have their own travel agent.

Therefore, the Everest Base Camp Trek cost is comparable to those offered by local agencies. I suggest you to choose preferable hotel to stay for few days that give a trusted guides and services. As well you can store your extra luggage which is not use for trek and in return after the trek you can receive your baggage from the same hotel. The typical cost for mid-range is $1500 to $1800 with all inclusive of package tour. For Instance;

International Airport arrival and departure transfer
Air flight from Kathmandu – Lukla – Kathmandu

Lunch, Breakfast & Dinner

EBC Permit Fees
Everest National Park Permit fees.


Tourist Standard Hotel Deluxe Room in Kathmandu 2 Nights.
Basic lodges with BB Plan for remaining places (During Trekking) 12 Nights.

Guide & Porter

English Speaking certified license guide.
Porter for trekking bag carriage – (1 Porter for 2 Trekkers)

Everest Base Camp Trek Cost From Kathmandu

There are some agencies who offers you luxuries EBC trek with the cost of $2200 and economical $1355. The luxury packages include comfortable rooms in Kathmandu (5-star hotel), Lukla, Namche bazaar & Tengboche (warm and comfy room), as well as delicious pricey meals. I believe the rest of the place’s facilities will be very similar, as the tea houses where you eat and sleep are of basic standard with twin share bed and common share toilet facilities.

Moreover, when it comes to package tours, the price decreases slightly as the number of people increases;
For instance, the Everest base camp trek costs:
01 Pax Group = USD 1800 | 02 to 05 Pax Group = USD 1365 | 06 to 10 Pax Group = USD 1235 | 11 to 14 Pax Group = USD 1185 | 15 & Above Group = USD 1156

If you are willing to go self- independent hiking by hiring guide & porter then the cost will be like this; For your own expenses’ transportation, lodging, food, drink and snacks ($1035) + Guide ($450) + Porter ($290) = $ 1775 USD.

Going trek by hiring a guide & porters seems that it is costly, but it is actually a very cost -effective method of trekking. There are many single trekkers employ a guide who also serves as a company. It is common for a group of trekkers to share a guide, making the trip much more accessible. You should employ a porter to assist you in transporting your belongings. A porter can bear up to 20kg, two trekkers often share one.

Hiring Guides & Porters for The EBC Trek

If you are looking to hire a guide, the most popular process is to do so in Kathmandu. Few people would like to hire a guide through an online system. In Kathmandu, you will meet your guide yourself, but the best way is to go to a local agency nearby. Actually, when there are problems or crises that happen during the trek, your registered company guide will help you from every angle.

Some company in Kathmandu say that the guide will meet you in Lukla, whereas other choose to send trekking guide with you together from Kathmandu. In this situation, you have already should responsible for your guide flight to Lukla and return to Kathmandu. Actually, you do not have to pay anything for your guide like food, lodging & flights. Once you pay to an agency or one-time payment to your crew then everything will be included in his/her packages.

But even if you go at tea houses with your guide. You should not have to pay for his food and drinks. The teahouses they themselves happy to give free & somewhere cheap price services to your guide. Because you are there for their income source after intake their services. But you have to pay for your own according to your payment packages included in the cost.

Although, I suggest meeting with the guide ahead of time to see if he speaks decent English, if you like him, you can go along with him.

  • Be certain you’re trekking with a licensed guide.
  • The guide should be covered by insurance.
  • The expense for Everest trekking guide in Kathmandu.

If you wish to hire a guide from Kathmandu:

Make sure $30 per day for 13 days and 10% to 15% tips excluding of flights from Kathmandu-Lukla-Kathmandu which cost – $120 (Nepali People Flight Fare Cost).

Actually, for a single guide average price for trekking in Nepal is 25 USD to 50 USD per day. If you wish to hire your own language (German, French, Spanish, Chinese etc.) guide except English will charge 50 USD per day. While hiring a single guide, I would like to suggest if you are groups of more than five members then it is preferred to hire a single guide. Otherwise, for larger groups more than 5 people I encourage you to hire an assistant guide which is better to handle the bad situation at high altitude.

The Charges For Organizing An Everest Trekking Guide From Lukla.

In Lukla, the benefits of hiring a guide is 13 days x 30 USD + 10% to 15% tips = 430 USD to 450 USD
The daily cost of hiring a guide even from Lukla is similar to Kathmandu ranging from 25 USD to 30 USD per day. After your arrival at Lukla airport definitely, there also you can find option to hire a guide. But you will not know any things about the guide as better in Kathmandu.

The benefit of hiring a guide from Lukla is that you don’t have to pay for the cost of flight between Ktm-Lukla-Ktm. It is not the important to hire guide at Lukla, if you are able to go up to next village Namche Bazaar. If you want even you can hire at Namche bazaar. But, price for guide could be difference according to season. In the peak season, it is very difficult to get proper guide for the Everest trek.

However, there are still a number of agencies in Lukla and Namche bazaar where they will help to arrange the guide. If you are a beginner to trek Everest base camp; I would suggest to take a guide from Kathmandu. If you’ve already linked in Lukla then, suggest you to hire guide from Lukla. Very important things are that you must be ready to tackle with any circumstances that comes amid the trek.

The Price For Hiring Porters In EBC Trek

The cost of recruiting or hiring a porter is 286 USD to 299 USD (13 days x $20 + 10% to 15% tips)
Actually, a guide does not carry your luggage during trekking to EBC. If you think you carry by yourself is not a bad idea. If you wish to hire a porter for your baggage carriage, there you will find at Lukla. Actual capacity that can bear by porters is 20 Kg.

Therefore, a service charge taken by porters usually, 20 USD to 25 USD per day. One porter is for two tourists. In fact, when you take travel from Kathmandu agency; you don’t have to charge a flight for porter. Because they will stand by at the Lukla airport after your arrival with your trekking guide (if you have hired EBC guide).

Otherwise, you need to find out at the Tenzing – Hillary airport that they are able to carry your stuff for whole trek. Don’t know how strong enough they are. But you must speak English with them and must evaluate either they are able to talk with you. This is only the case, when you are going to hire a porter.

For instance, you have already started trekking on your own. After the second or third day, you might need a porter for your baggage carry. Then you should be able to find one without too much difficulty in Namche Bazaar or even later in the trek. However, this is not assured and must create a compulsion to hire a pony or yak for your services, which will be very expensive. So, it’s better to make sure that you might need a porter for the whole EBC trek.

In our general EBC packing guide, you’ll find a complete list of gear and clothing for hiking the Everest Base Camp Trek.

On the EBC hike, the cost of accommodation or Lodging.

The price for accommodation during the Everest base camp trek is different according to the types of lodges you want to stay in. There are many lodges along the trek. Every accommodation offers a twin-bedded room. The cost varies according to the season.

In a peak season, the price hike a little bit more. And amid the low season the price goes down. But average cost could be same & there will be little up & down. The net expense for 12-night accommodation will be 84 USD-dollar equivalent to Rs.100 Per Dollar. (84 USD x Rs.100 = Rs.8400 for 12 night 13 days only for EBC trek. In this cost, shower & Wi-Fi is not included.

For Instance; 12 nights’ accommodation – average estimation cost per day Rs. 700 (700 x 12 Days = Rs. 8400) – In this cost, shower & Wi-Fi is not included.
This above calculation is average according to my experience as an EBC guide – I have been trekking to Everest region since 2011. Actually, accommodation is inexpensive if you eat at the tea house where you are sleeping. The major source of income for tea house is that you must intake or buy food from there.

The places with tea houses where we usually sleep, the cost per night, what’s included, and the cost of extras are mentioned below.

In Lukla

Mera Lodge – NPR 500 Per Room – Hot Shower Rs.500 – WIFI 500 – Charging Battery Rs.100 unlimited
Phakding – Shangri LA Lodge – NPR 500 Per Room – Hot Shower Rs.400 – WIFI 500 – Charging Battery Rs.150 unlimited.

Namche Bazaar (2 Nights) –

Camp de base – Room Rs. 500 per head (warm & comfortable room) – Cylinder Gas Hot Shower Rs.500 – WIFI Rs.500 – Charging Battery Rs.300 unlimited.


Tasi Delek lodge – NPR 500 Per Room – Hot Shower Rs.500 – WIFI Rs.500 – Charging Battery Rs.500

Dingboche (2 Nights)

Peaceful Lodge – NPR 500 Per Head (Rs.1000 for twin) – Hot Shower Rs.500 – Charging Mobile Rs.500 (Power Bank Full Charge Rs.1000) – Everest link WIFI (1 GB = Rs. 600 |10 GB= Rs. 2000 | 20 GB= Rs. 3000 | Validity: 30 days from the first use. Good for one device only. 1GB card will valid only for lodge where you are staying. 10GB & 20GB work everywhere inside the lodge or wherever there is Everest link connection)


National Park Lodge – NPR 700 Per Head (Rs.1400 for twin) – Hot Shower Rs.700 – Charging Battery Rs.200 per hour – Everest link WIFI (1 GB = Rs. 600 |10 GB= Rs. 2000 | 20 GB= Rs. 3000 | Validity: 30 days from the first use. Good for one device only. 1GB card will valid only for lodge where you are staying. 10GB & 20GB work everywhere inside the lodge or wherever there is Everest link connection)


Himalaya Lodge – NPR 700 Per Head (Rs.1400 for twin) – Hot Shower Rs.1000 – Charging Battery Rs.200 per hour – Everest link WIFI (1 GB = Rs. 600 |10 GB= Rs. 2000 | 20 GB= Rs. 3000 | Validity: 30 days from the first use. Good for one device only. 1GB card will valid only for lodge where you are staying. 10GB & 20GB work everywhere inside the lodge or wherever there is Everest link connection)


Panorama lodge and restaurant – NPR 500 Per Head (Rs.1000 for twin) – Hot Shower Rs.500 – Charging Mobile Rs.500 (Power Bank Full Charge Rs.1000) – Everest link WIFI (1 GB = Rs. 600 |10 GB= Rs. 2000 | 20 GB= Rs. 3000 | Validity: 30 days from the first use. Good for one device only. 1GB card will valid only for lodge where you are staying. 10GB & 20GB work everywhere inside the lodge or wherever there is Everest link connection)
Kyangjuma – Amadablam lodge and restaurant – NPR 500 Per Room – Hot Shower Rs.500 – WIFI 500 – Charging Battery Rs.300 unlimited.


Chumoa guest house – NPR 500 Per Room – Hot Shower Rs.500 – WIFI 500 – Charging Battery Rs.200 unlimited.


Mera Lodge (I have already mentioned about the accommodation and other extra cost above).

everest base camp trek cost

The cost of food on the Everest Base Camp Trek

Actually, the cost of the food provided by lodges is quite similar from Lukla to Tengboche; we can say up to Dingboche. But the price of food in Lobuche and Gorakshep is considerably more expensive. This happens because the food & stuff are carried by porter, yak, or helicopter. Other than these, it is not possible to transport goods in such a beautiful and remote area. Actually, a person travelling EBC should estimate the cost of food at around 30 to 45 USD per day.

For example: 12Night/13Days = 45 USD Per Day x 13 Days = 585 USD.
The total cost of food for the 12N/13D EBC trek was 585 USD per person.

Before starting your trek to Everest Base Camp, you must know what to eat during the trek. We never recommend people eat meat during the trek. Because, in the Khumbu area, it is not allowed to kill animals. Therefore, the porter carries the meat from below Lukla or from Kathmandu. The meat is shipped unrefrigerated on the backs of porters or mules for several days.

I would like to give an example below; the average cost for food on the Everest Base Camp Trek.

“Dal Bhat Power 24 Hours”

Dal Bhat which comprises of Rice, Dal soup (Lentil Soup) with vegetable curry. This is best diet for the people who are very hungry. Once you order, you can add rice & dal until you recover your hunger. This could be a great diet for the people who feel tired after long hours of walk and starving a lot during trekking either for lunch or dinner.

Average Price for Dal Bhat

Lukla (2860 Masl) – Rs. 600
Tengboche (3860 Masl) – Rs. 700
Lobuche (4940) – Rs. 850

Breakfast (Oat Porridge, Pancake with jam & honey)

Lukla (2860 Masl) – Rs. 375
Tengboche (3860 Masl) – Rs. 410
Lobuche (4940) – Rs. 640

Lunch & Dinner (Fried Rice, noodles, spaghetti, spring rolls)

Lukla (2860 Masl) – Rs. 500
Tengboche (3860 Masl) – Rs. 600
Lobuche (4940) – Rs. 800

Hot Drinks (Milk Tea, Coffee, Ginger Lemon Honey)

Lukla (2860 Masl) – Cup (Rs. 100) – Pot (Rs. 400) – Large Thermos (Rs.1300)
Tengboche (3860 Masl) – Cup (Rs. 150) – Pot (Rs. 600) – Large Thermos (Rs.1400)
Lobuche (4940) – Cup (Rs. 180) – Pot (Rs. 1000) – Large Thermos (Rs.1650)

Boiled Hot Water Average cost

Lukla (2860 Masl) – Cup (Rs. 70) – Pot (Rs. 300) – Large Thermos (Rs.800)
Tengboche (3860 Masl) – Cup (Rs. 100) – Pot (Rs. 500) – Large Thermos (Rs.900)
Lobuche (4940) – Cup (Rs. 120) – Pot (Rs. 800) – Large Thermos (Rs.1200)

Drinking Mineral Water

It is recommended taking a purification tablet or drops or filter while trekking to Everest base Camp. Buying a bottle one time is Ok. Because buying plastic bottle of mineral water time to time cause an environment problem. Sometimes, you see the huge pile of plastic bottle behind the lodges.

Furthermore, drinking water is very expensive to buy; but all the way to EBC has not drinkable water. So, at least in Lobuche and Gorakshep, you must have to buy mineral water which cost Rs. 400 to Rs.500 per liter. Even if you want to buy mineral water along the way (Rs.100 to Rs.400), better you can use refill bottle. If I suggest you then Life Straw Bottle. This bottle offers filtered water that is perfect for climate as well. This can definitely as it eliminates the need to buy plastic bottles and cause a lot of waste on the mountain each day.

Everest Base Camp Trek Independent

While deciding about the cost for yourself Independent; You must follow the things that are very important to carry before heading towards near to the top of the world.
Accommodation Cost

  • Avg total 84 USD for 12N/13D

National Park Permit

  • 50 USD or NPR 5000

Flight from Kathmandu – Lukla – Kathmandu

  • Regular Flight Cost (360 USD)
  • For Indian (NPR 29400)
  • For Nepali (NPR 5500)

Meal (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

  • 585 USD for 12N/13D

Miscellaneous Expenses: (Unforeseen expenses drinks, snacks, shopping etc.): 195 USD

Now, the total cost for Independent Everest Base Camp Trek cost in USD (84 + 50 + 360 + 585 + 195) = 1274 USD in average.

Everest Base Camp Trekking Permit Cost

The combine cost for national park permit is NPR 5000. Actually, you’ll need two permits to trek to EBC.

  • Sagarmatha National Park Entry Permit – Available in Kathmandu or in Monjo – Cost 3000 NPR
  • Pasang Lhamu Rural Municipality Entrance Permit – Available at Lukla – Cost 2000 NPR

TIMS (Trekkers Information Management System) is not necessary for entry into Everest Trekking in Nepal. But for the Annapurna Region and Langtang Region (like; Annapurna Base Camp, Annapurna Circuit, Poon Hill Trek, Langtang Trek etc.), it is a compulsion to obtain. Actually, the Nepal government uses TIMS to keep records of all the trekkers in Nepal. For the Everest region, instead of TIMS, local permits have started to collect the data of all trekkers in EBC from the last few years.

I would like to suggest to all the foreign trekkers that you can buy both trekking permits along the Everest base camp trek route. Just make sure that you have an enough cash. But be sure that in the peak season the national park office at Monjo get very busy and too much que of trekkers. You have to stay on line and should be patience to get the permit.

Cost to Reach Lukla – Starting Point of Everest Base Camp Trek

Actually, Lukla is a gate way to EBC. It is situated at an altitude of 2860 meter above the sea level. However, there is no accessible road that we can reach easily. Therefore, flight is most popular mode of transportation. Another way is combining jeep and hiking that should be plan from Kathmandu for 2 Days.

Overland to Lukla Cost:

If you would like to go through overland Journey, you must take a jeep from Kathmandu to Salleri. Which is about 267 km from Kathmandu. The journey takes 8 hours and fare for local jeep cost NPR 1800. If you choose to go through Bus then NPR 1200. Buses leaves every day from Kathmandu. Afterwards, you have to trek for two or three days from Salleri to Lukla. Overland Journey either from/to Kathmandu or Lukla might happen in case of flight cancellation for some layover days due to the inclement weather in Tenzing – Hillary airport area.

Airlines & Flight Cost From / To Lukla

Actually, there are three airlines that mostly operate the flight to Lukla from Kathmandu. The cost for flight is same for all the airline that operates from Kathmandu to Lukla.

Regular Flight Cost (360 USD) | For Indian (NPR 29400) | For Nepali (NPR 5500)

Tara Air:

The most well-known airline that flies from Kathmandu to Lukla. It is the largest airline that flies to Lukla. Tara Air operates mountain flights from Kathmandu to mountains in the north-eastern Himalayan region. This company was established with the aim of assisting in the development of Nepal’s rural areas.

Tara air operates flights to Lukla, Jomsom, Dolpa, Taplejung, and Simikot. It takes off for Nepal’s hill side. Tara Air has a total of seven STOL aircraft, including five Twin Otter (DHC 6/300) and two Dornier (DO 228) planes. Tara Air offers scheduled and charter services to nearly all of the country’s airports.

Goma (Summit) Airlines:

Summit Air has replaced Goma Air as Nepal’s newest carrier. Since February 24, 2011, Goma Air has been in service. Summit Air began with two Cessna Grand Caravan 208 B aircraft. It began scheduled operations from its Kathmandu base in October 2014, following the arrival of a factory new LET 410 UVPE-20 STOL aircraft. It’s power lies in its highly trained flight crew, technical staff, and cutting-edge aircraft.

Summit Air has established itself as Nepal’s most highly prized STOL operator in just four years of service. This company is proud to be the first operator in Nepal to launch a new factory-built STOL aircraft after a 40-year absence. Jomsom, Rara, Lukla, Dolpa, and Simikot are now served by Summit Air. The main domestic flight destination of Goma (Summit) air in Nepal is Kathmandu to Lukla.

Sita Air:

In Nepal, Sita Air is a well-known domestic flight operator. It is Nepal’s most well-known fixed-wing airline. The airlines are run by a group of well-known aviators with extensive technical expertise in the field of aviation, and they have earned a reputation for providing the finest mountain flight experience.

Sita Airlines primarily operates flights from Kathmandu, Nepalgunj, and Jomsom to Lukla. Sita Airlines flies from Kathmandu to Lukla and Jomsom. Mountain Flight is operated by Beech 1900 aircraft, and Lukla and Jomsom flights are operated by Dornier 228 aircraft.

When your mind changes to stay in mountain for some days while trekking, you simply can call to your airlines office to change your return flight date.

Another advice for you is that try to book a first morning flight from / to Kathmandu or Lukla. Because, sometimes you have to trapped for whole days due to bad weather in Lukla. According to my experience, I have found that morning first flight will have more clear weather and less windy during the flight.

Another alternative way of taking a flight from/to Lukla or Kathmandu is by helicopter. If a plane does not take a flight due to normal hazy weather, the journey can be done by helicopter, which is fantastic and costs about $2,500 one way. It can accommodate up to five people at a time.

Insurance for Nepal & Everest Base Camp Trek

In fact, it is very risky to trek into high height or altitude where there is no mean of an easy transportation in remote areas. Altitude sickness often known as acute mountain sickness which is normally happen in high altitude. Rarely, serious symptom can occur that lead to an emergency evacuation from helicopter.

As you know, there are no roads in the remote mountains of Nepal, evacuation is costly. Therefore, the cost of helicopter is about $3000 to $3500. The main problem for everyone is about insurance which is very difficult to find the standard travel insurance company that protects altitude of Nepal Himalayas. Come to be some offer for hiking insurance for Nepal. Here is some recommendation for you all trekkers.

Some recommendations:

For worldwide:

  • World Nomads
  • Global Rescue

Australian or New Zealand citizens:

  • Cover-More Travel Insurance
  • Ripcord Rescue Travel Insurance.
  • 1 Cover Travel Insurance

Malaysian and Singapore citizens:

  • AIG Travel Insurance
  • AIA Berhad

UK Citizens:

  • British Mountaineering Council (BMC)
  • Dog Tag UK
  • Adventures Insurance
  • Campbell Irvine

USA/Canada Citizens:

  • Travel Guard
  • IM Global
  • Tugo

For Europe:

  • Europe Assistance
  • IHI Bupa

Where to Stay in Kathmandu Before Everest Trekking in Nepal?

One of the touristic & enchanting cities of Kathmandu is Thamel. There are dozens of restaurants, hotels, trekking offices, shops, pubs, bars, discos, etc. All kinds of food and accommodation can be found in Thamel. Everyone’s choice to be there for a few days before or after leaving their home country. The very wide and bright full streets of Thamel are Keshar Mahal, Nursing Chowk, Mandala Street, Saat Ghumti, etc.

Accommodation options in Kathmandu’s Thamel Area.

Budget: Hostel Milarepa, | Shangri-La Boutique Hotel, | Bag Packers Lodge, | Hotel Serenity
Middle price: Oasis Kathmandu Hotel | Hotel Blue Horizon | Hotel Vaishali
Luxury: Fairfield by Marriott, Kathmandu; | Hotel Radisson; | Yak & Yeti

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