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Everest Base Camp Trek Packing List

Necessary Equipment for trekking

The Everest base camp trek is one of the most popular adventure destinations in the Himalaya. Mt. Everest itself is the top of the world. Getting to the base of Mount Everest is a huge achievement for everyone. While trekking to EBC for the first time, you need to think about how to prepare for Everest base camp. Because many first-timers are unaware about the packing list they would need on their journey. Here I am going to mention the complete packing list for Everest base camp trek. I hope this will help you a lot to pack up your things for EBC trek.

Necessary Equipment for trekking

It is very important to have the right trekking equipment to enjoy the trek into the Himalayas-both in terms of safety and comfort. Actually, while packing trekking accessories, you should know the answer to where you are going: what time of year; the weather conditions; at what altitude; what’s the geography of the country; types of trek: easy, moderate, strenuous, challenging, etc.; all that matters.

In this article, I go through a full packing list for the Everest Base Camp trekking, including clothing, gear, gadgets, and all kinds of useful extras based on my own personal experience. I have done EBC trek all times of the year & other plenty of hikes in Nepal. This is the packing list I suggest based on EBC treks.

Packing List For Everest Base Camp Trek-Detail Break Down

Here I am going to tell you the things to pack that are basically require for the Everest base camp trek. As a trekking leader, I have been to many trekking areas of Nepal. My suggestion, make sure you carry enough warm clothing for EBC trek. In order to make your trekking enjoyable, you should have sufficient gear for the trek. Otherwise, there will be problem in worst-case situation.

Trekking Accessories for EBC Trek

When planning a trip to the base camp of Mount Everest, it’s normal that you’ll be unsure about what kind of clothes to bring. Not only us, many people are uncertain about the weather condition of mountains (which changes in 15 to 20 minutes). In such conditions, people get confused about what to carry in their day backpack, when to wear warm clothes, what to buy & all these things. However, it is very important to understand the necessary equipment for trekking before buying the gear kit for the EBC trek. Here are some recommendations:

1. Necessary for Headwear During Everest Trek

Brimmed Hat or A Sun Hat:

Ensure it has a wide beam to cover the face and neck. This will protect you from overheating and dehydration, which might adversely affect your journey.

Neck Gaiter:

This is a must-have item for keeping your neck warm and covering your lips. It will also save you from the effects of dryness.

Bandana or Headscarf:

It’s good for dust and cold defense. Actually, in the EBC trek, some part of trail is very dusty because of the dry weather. You’ll see the lots of trekkers, locals, animal like yaks & donkeys that make a dusty along the trail. Therefore, Bandana or head scarf is essential.

Sunglasses or Goggles:

To protect against intense UV rays and ice glow at different elevations, you’ll need to have a dim, wrap-around pair of glasses. It’s still a good idea to have a couple of pairs on your backpack

Knit Hat:

While trekking to Himalayas of Nepal. It will be very cold above 2500 meter as you go. Especially in the night time. As a result, you’ll need a thick fleece or a woolen hat to keep you warm in the cold.

Powered headlamp:

Electricity blackout is common in Nepal. Therefore, carrying headlamp or torch light or flash light with extra batteries is needed during the trekking. Especially, for morning & evening.

Balaclava or Buff:

One of the most essential items to be kept on the EBC packing list. The climate is cool and dry at a high altitude. Thus, a fleece-lined buff will help for your throat and lungs and hold moisture in your mouth, which aids in keeping you hydrated at higher altitudes.

2. EBC Packing Clothing for the Upper Body:

Long & Short Sleeve Polypropylene Shirt:

If possible don’t forget to buy Cloth that wicks away moisture. You’ll need a pair (both long & short) of nylon or synthetic fabrics while hiking at the lower elevation. Suggest to make lightweight pack that make easier while trekking to EBC.

Thermal tops that are light in weight:

Which is also called the base layer thermal. The layer’s aim is to wick moisture away from your skin, keep it dry, and thus control your body temperature. To keep your body safe and protect yourself from the mountain’s bitter cold.

3. Best Jacket for Everest Base Camp Trek

Fleece or polartec Jacket:

This is your second layer after the base layer and the fabric should be stretchable fleece or Polartec which traps your body heat and keeps you warm.

Synthetic Down Jacket:

This is the layer of insulation that gives you warm and comfort. It’s perfect for when you’re relaxed at camp or during the trekking along the route after heavy walking in very cold temperatures.

Goose Down Jacket:

It’s a natural fiber that adds additional warmth in bitterly cold weather. It’s lightweight and packable, and it can be worn over synthetic down in cold weather or over your fleece on its own.

Puffer Down Jacket:

The down jacket must be 700 fill or 800 fills in order to meet the requirements. This jacket is useful for Morning and Evening. This is a must-have item in your bag if you want to stay warm in sub-zero temperatures.

Waterproof and Breathable Jacket:

Hard Shell is highly waterproof and windproof, protecting you from adverse weather conditions such as rain and snowfall. Gore-Tex is a common material that provides excellent safety and breathability and is a mostly use in high altitude trekking.

4. Packing Handswear for the EBC Trek

It is very probable that you will face extreme conditions such as low temperatures, snow storms, fog, and wind while trekking to Himalayas. You’ll need some proper warm & light water proof gloves to work at your best under such conditions. You need such a glove that is comfortable to wear, it should be warm, & dry quickly. As a result, it’s critical that you choose gloves based on the conditions you intend to face.

Warm Gloves (Water Proof) for EBC Trek:

The glove that normally have synthetic fill fabrics, which is made of fluffy polyester fibers. During the Everest base camp trek, you unlikely have to exposed to water or snow. At that time, the polyester absorbs very little moister and synthetic fill fabric gloves maintain warmth even if they get to exposed to moister, water or snow.

Lighter Gloves (Fleece or Wool) for EBC Trek:

Gloves made of fleece or wool are usually lighter. This type of gloves is use for lower elevation and if you go higher up, wear this type of light glove first on your hand, afterwards water proof gloves as mentioned above. Because, fleece and wool have a less warmth ratio (less insulation) than synthetic fill. However, you need both types of gloves in any circumstances that arises amid the Everest Base Camp Trek.

5. EBC Packing Things for the Lower Body

Waterproof Hiking Trouser:

Suggest to carry one or two pair of waterproof trekking trouser that have side Zip off, lightweight, breathable and quick-drying with good stretch. That should be easily protect from rain & snow.

Pants in Fleece:

You may want to change the clothes after your arrival at teahouse in the trekking. Thus, one pair of fleece jogger pants or any other classic jogger athletic pants or track suit is recommended.

Lightweight Merino Wool Thermal Pants:

This actually need when there will be very cold in the high altitude. In fact, you are going to EBC (5364 m) trek, the climate will be cold as we ascend above 3000 Meter above the sea level. Hence, you need first layer inside to keep your body warm at high height. This can be used for sleeping in the night.

Short Trouser:

You’ll need a short trouser during the day time, on sunny days. You can apply short pants that are mostly used on summer outdoor activities. Like Running, Gym, Hiking, Workout, Training, Traveling, Walking etc.


Moisture Wicking Breathable Performance Underwear is good for trekking into the Himalayas. I think this type of underwear hugs your legs closely and makes them comfortable against your body with a second skin fit and light support. Fabric layers are carefully positioned in the Purely Comfort Underwear to hold the body at the ideal temperature.

6. Best Boots for Everest Base Camp Trek Packing List

We need to think about footwear that should be entitled in mount Everest base camp packing list. Because you’ll have to walk a lot in EBC trekking. So, you’ll need somethings supportive for your feet.

Trekking or Hiking Boots:

The boot that you’ll wear during the trekking should be comfort when walking long distances over difficult terrain. Because, you’ll trek to EBC for 10 days or 14 days or more. Therefore, best hiking boots with extra laces, that are warm, waterproof, and provide ankle support is recommended.

Leg Gaiters:

This is specifically needed to protects your leg and boots from snow and water during the snowfall season. Suggested waterproof membrane layer, inner breathable liner that keep the leg dry even in the strenuous walk. It easy to fold and carry in your bag. It’s small enough to take with you everywhere you go.

Light Weight Shoes:

To wear in the lodges after your arrival at tea houses in Everest trekking in Nepal. In fact, for non- trekking hours. Recommended Lightweight Breathable Casual Soft Sole & helping your foot feel secure & comfortable.

(Or) Flip Flops:

Recommended Men’s and Women’s Classic Flip Flops that are easy-to-wear, dry quickly, and can go anywhere as well provides all-day comfort and support.

7. Toiletries for Everest Base Camp Trek Packing List

This part of list is all about the toiletry items you’ll need for the Everest base camp trek. There are many trekkers or Traveller forget to carry the simple things some times and get confused. There are some of the things that are require on regular basis. For instance; contact lenses, cosmetic items etc. I am here going to give you just a suggestion of what you can bring and add some personal things in your Everest base camp trek gear list.

(Note: Please! Don’t forget to carry the bio-degradable toiletries as possible. Because, sometimes you see the useless huge plastics items behind the lodges).

Toilet Paper:

This can be bought in Everest base camp trek as well. Carry couple of rolls with you all the time. Because, you need toilet paper when you are on the trail and have to go to toilet or bathroom anytime. After using toilet paper along the way, make sure you will burn it or bring in little plastic bag to dispose of it at Lodge. When you are going to the open toilet at any corner side of hills; make sure you are at least 30 meters away from water source.

Hand Sanitizer:

Germs are all over the place or everywhere. They will get into our hands when we come into contact with items, we touch in our everyday activities that might make us sick during the trekking. Therefore, one of the most effective precautions you can take to prevent being ill and transferring germs to those around you is to wash your hand with soap and water or hand sanitizer that contains at least 60 % alcohol.


suggest buying A toothbrush that prevents cavities, strengthens your gums and brightens up your smile. Keep your favorite toothbrush that is good for you. During the EBC trek, you’ll pack up your belongings very tightly. I think portable and foldable are good for keeping your favorite toothbrush clean and far away from germs.

Tooth Paste:

No matter where you travel, buy your favorite toothpaste that keep your breath fresh and smiling. Suggest to use high percentage of organic ingredients and Bio – degradable.

Face and body moisturizer:

When you are going to high altitude climate, it is painstakingly thin dry air and greater UV exposure in the mountains. Therefore, you need moisturizer cream or spray that is scientifically articulated to assist your skin in adapting, repairing and protecting itself in extremely dry, alpine – like environment.


Everyone sweats during the hiking. It’s a necessary and normal feature of the body. Someone dislikes the scent of odor. Even I am not a big fan of it. Recommended Natural deodorants that contain plant-based ingredients. For the reason that, it makes you feel both odor-free and comfortable in what you’re putting on your skin.


Suggested to use bio-degradable soap that can be used for a variety of purposes (for body, laundry, and hair). Take skin sensitivities into your consideration, and often try soaps at home before traveling or adding them to your packing list.

Shampoo & Conditioners:

During the trekking your hair will get dirt. At that time, you need shampoo to clean your hair. This is useful to make your hair shine & smooth. Some people they don’t like using shampoo. However, shampoos with the right vitamins, oils, minerals, and botanical extracts that improve hair follicles and scalp are recommended.

Towel Medium & Small:

Recommended the towels that are made of polyester and nylon microfibers. As a result, it dries much faster than cotton towels even though light weight and compressible. Polyester and nylon microfiber towels are less water absorbent than cotton towels and feel like synthetic while touching. I think this is the best option towel for hikers, backpackers, travelers and those who are confusing about packing list for Everest base camp trek.

Feminine Hygiene Items:

Do not forget to put in your EBC gear list. The objects or goods that a woman used during her menstrual period. Like; sanitary pads, tampons, menstrual cups and other items that is useful before or after women’s menstrual cycle.

Bag for Dirt collection:

Carry some 10 to 15-liter size bag that is bio – degradable. Actually, this is useful to collect plastic waster. Like; rapper of chocolate you eat, plastic of mineral water bottle, Drinks Cans etc.

Small Mirror:

Recommended lightweight, comfortable hand grip, clear reflection, durable, waterproof.

Lip Balm:

Actually, Lips have a thinner skin than the rest of the face. There will be more chance of suffering from chapped & dry lips or peeling & crack lips during the Everest Base Camp trek. Applying a lip balm will help to keep you hydrated and help to heal your lip more quickly.

Sunscreen Cream:

When you are at a high altitude, you have to be cautious about defending yourself in the content of your skin. Because, people are unaware about sun you get at higher altitude. In fact, UV levels rise by around 2% for every 1,000 feet of elevation due to the thinner mountain air. Thus, there are a lot of great sunscreen brands outside market, so you might have to try a few to find one that suit for your skin. For me SPF 30-50 + is okay.

Nail Clipper:

Nail clippers of various styles and qualities may have a significant effect on your wellbeing as well as the appearance of your nails. With the right nail clippers and cutting tools, problems like ingrown toenails and even toe fungus can be avoided.

Shower Gel:

Recommended to keep shower gels that have a healthier composition in the terms of fragrance and vitamins that keep away from contamination.

# Everest Base Camp Trek Kit List – Medicines

First Aid Kit for Everest Base Camp is very important. If you are a solo trekker, bringing medication is a must. In general, there are some agencies, they provide the facilities of medicine in case of emergency and you don’t need to bring any medical supplies with you.

However, there is not any specific requirement for entry into the Nepal. Medication for any foreseeable illness need to be brought with you all the time.

Common problem like dehydration, diarrhea, fever, headache, tonsillitis, blister can be occurred during the Everest base camp trekking. Thus, bring a fine, basic, light first-aid kit & add some medication. Here is some suggested medicine that could help you.

First Aid Kit
First-Aid Kit


It is widely used for pain reliever as well as to reduce the fever. It’s often uses to treat mild to severe discomfort, such as headaches, toothaches or injures fever caused by illnesses like colds & flu.


It is a common pain reliever to treat a variety of aches and pains, such as back pain, menstrual pain, and toothache. It also helps with swelling from ankle sprains, as well as arthritis pain. My suggestion is to start with paracetamol, which has less side effects than ibuprofen and is the better option for most people.


A type of medicine that help for short term relief from a blocked or stuffy nose (For Nasal Congestion). Decongestants are mostly safe to use, but they aren’t for all. Consult with your doctor properly before apply any medicine.


A drug that is effective against vomiting and nausea caused by motion sickness.
Povidone-Iodine cream 1 tube: Povidone-iodine is a diverse antiseptic that can be used primarily to treat and avoid wound infection.

Sterilized Cotton Roll:

Suitable for washing and cleaning wounds as well as use for any other medication purpose in case of injury.

Dressing Gauze:

Dressings gauze are used for a variety of uses, including wound protection, curing, and or extracting moisture. The primary goal is to keep the wound clean and free of infection.


A sheet of cloth that can be used to cover wounds, hold dressings in place, add pressure to stop bleeding, protect a surgical instrument like a plaster cast, or provide body support on its own.

Blister Tape:

Fresh shoes, high resoles, sweaty socks, hiking, or long-distance strolling create scratching, pain, and friction. Therefore, bring enough plaster to replace everyday if you get a blister. In the market, you will find different branded blister tape in the medical shop or online. Recommended waterproof Hydrocolloid Bandages for Foot, Toe, & Heel Blister Prevention & Recovery.


It is used to stop and alleviate altitude sickness symptoms. When you ascend rapidly to high altitudes, you’ll experience headaches, exhaustion, nausea, dizziness, and shortness of breath. In such symptoms, Diamox help to some extent where the air pressure is limited and oxygen is low.


It is a diarrhoea (runny poo) medicine. Loperamide is also used to treat gastrointestinal diseases including Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, and short bowel syndrome that cause chronic or long-term diarrhoea.

Water Purification Tablet:

Recommended Aquatabs, which is the most widely used water purification tablets in the world. They’re energetic tablets that kill microorganisms in water, preventing diseases like cholera, typhoid, and dysentery. It come in a variety of tablet types. Each tablet is designed to treat a certain amount of water. Provides safe drinking water in just 30 minutes. Treats up to 60 liters with a box of 30 individually wrapped tablets.

Electrolyte Powder:

It maintains an ideal sugar and electrolyte balance to avoid mild to moderate dehydration during the trekking. To add to the drink, carry vitamin C or multivitamin tablets/powders as well.

Note: Some medications, like anti-malarials, have side effects when used at high altitudes. Please talk carefully with your doctor about the medicine before use or packing. Always follow the instructions of your doctor before packing any medicine into your kit list. Thus, if you have taken prescription medications, just bring enough from your home country. In Nepal, you won’t be able to get anything you want.

# The Best Backpacks for the EBC Trek Packing List

It’s true that everyone wants a high-quality, comfortable back pack. It is an essential piece of gear for the trekkers. When you buy backpack, recommended to use well-known company products that have well finishing.
We can find high -quality model backpacks from expensive to budget prices. If you are looking best quality company from budget to expensive then here are some; Deuter ACT | Osprey Atmos | Mountaintop| North face | Arc’teryx | Gregory Lowe | Alpine Air Zone | High Sierra Summit or explorer | Teton etc.

The backpack should have compatible belt for securing your backpack, sleeping bag, mat and other essential gears. Side pocket should be separate to keep your belongings. Breathable mesh shoulder straps and plenty of sponge padding that ease shoulder tension, maximum air flow and ease of use. Should have waterproof & if it rains heavily, the rain cover must come in handy. Actually, the Everest base camp trek is a tea house lodge-based trek. So, no camping gear is required. Suggest 50 – 60 L (Liter) backpack for this EBC route.

If you are going to using the porters for EBC trek, you can pack up your belongings at Duffle bag. The things that are required for the daytime should pack up at your backpacks that you carry yourself (Like; camera, phone, passport details etc.). Suggested not to keep broken items at your duffle bag carried by porters. Usually, the porters bind duffle bag very strongly and carry on their forehead. Beware to keep broken items on your duffle bag. Suggest a duffel bag with a capacity of 70/80 liters that porters or yaks can transport.

Proposed; Foldable, Flexible, Alpine-cut shoulder straps & have a comfortable to hold on. Like; The North Face Base Camp Duffel Bag (Highly recommended).

# Best Sleeping Bag for Everest Base Camp Trek Packing List

During the EBC trek, the tea house lodges have beds for you to lie on. There will be a blanket on your bed. Even though, it gets very cold inside the tea houses at night. At high altitude, your bottle water froze even if you put behind or under your bed. Imagine the situation, if weather changes frequently. Therefore, advisable to carry your own sleeping bag. It should be rated -15°C (5°F). Depending on your personal tolerance towards cold. I am going to mention or suggest you some best sleeping bags that is needed for Everest Base Camp Trek.

Vango Venom 600: (1250g in weight/Down: 700 fill Hydro barrier duck):

This is a light sleeping bag & fantastic if you are looking to save some weight while packing. Venom is also perfect sleeping bag for Everest base Camp Trek.

Rab Ascent 700: (1290g in weight/Down: 700g premium goose down):

It is perfect for -15°C. Especially, useful for keeping your head warm on those cold EBC trek nights.

Mountain Equipment Helium 600: (1070g weight/582g of down fill):

This company also make excellent sleeping bags. The extra structures of this sleeping bag are perplexing across the neck that keep the head and neck warm.

# Gadgets & Electronic Devices for Everest Base Camp Trek Packing List

We are in 21st century, almost all ages people carry the electric items into their pockets. Without gadgets and electric devices, no people plan their journey into any part of the world. There are some gadgets and electronic items that should be mention in the Everest base camp trek gear list. Such as:


Don not forget to carry some extra batteries for your camera and its charger.

Mobile Phone:

You can buy Nepal Telecom or Ncell SIM cards after your arrival in Nepal. If you want to contact your friends or agencies in Nepal. Although, you can use for mobile internet from Nepal SIM cards. Don’t forget to put a charger of your mobile as well.

Universal socket adapter:

This is very useful items during the Everest base camp trek. Highly recommend to carry.

Power Bank:

Carry a power bank with a capacity of 25,000 MAH or more. Charging gadgets and electronics items cost money up there. Thus, carry your own high capacity battery bank and just charge it a few times when you need it. Portable solar charger is another option for you.


This is optional to carry. Actually, to explore closer up view about the mountain’s cliff and their creatures living far behind on cliff.

Others Accessories

Polarized Sunglasses | Trekking poles |Sleeping Bag (-15 to -20) | Backpack for the Day | Rain Jacket | A Notebook & Pen | Small Games Items | Torch Light or Flash Light or Head lamp | Snacks & Dried Fruits | Water Bottle | Garbage bag | Thermos to keep Hot Water

# Everest Base Camp Trek Packing List for The Female Trekker

The things that are require for female trekker while hiking to EBC are not very different then the things I have written above. Here, I am going to remark the most important stuff that is easy to understand for female trekkers. This will help to make your packing list for EBC easy, without any hesitation. I hope this will help you a lot to manage a female gear list. And makes your trip more convenient and secure.

Rain Poncho | Period Kits for Mensural | Sport Bras | Down Jacket | Fleece Jacket| Warm hat | Warm Ski Gloves | Thermal Underwear | Woolen Hat | Sun Hat | Running Shirt | Running T-Shirt | Trekking Socks | Sport Polarized Sunglasses | Underwear | Yoga Pants | Neck Gaiter | Cosmetic Make up Items.

# Everest Base Camp Packing List for The Men or Male

Necessary Equipment for trekking not only secure your journey. But also make your trek fun and enjoyable. Trekkers must consider a various factor before packing the things for EBC trek. Likewise, season and length of planned trek. Everyone should keep in mind that the packing list items will differ from each individual according to their needs. In order to make a trip smooth, all gear that you pack should be good quality. Here, I am going to write about the stuff that are especially required for the Men.

Down Jacket | Fleece Jacket | Hiking Socks | Hiking Pants | Polarized Sunglasses Sports | Breathable Under Wear | Water Proof Jacket | Wind Proof Jacket | Hiking Shirt | Woolen Hat | Sun Hat | Inner Layer Thermal |Rain Poncho | Water proof Pants | Gloves | fleece vest | Neck Gaiter.

# Necessary Travel Documents Must Includes in Everest Base Camp Trek Packing List

A Valid Passport:

You must have at least six months of validity. needed at the airport for the verification.

Visa at the Airport/Flight Tickets: You can get a visa at the TIA Airport Terminal (Kathmandu). You can also carry a valid visa from your home country from Nepal consulate or embassy.

Passport Sized Photos:

Four (4) – PP Size Photograph. Don’t forget to carry or make photocopies of your passport 2-3 paper.

Money / Credit Cards:

Should carry at least 500 to 600 USD for EBC trekking. Read out the Everest base camp trek cost details. You can receive amount from ATM of Kathmandu & During the trekking as well.

Health Matter:

Trekking in Nepal need not considered a risky affair, as far as your health is concern. Therefore, vaccination is essential for your health’s safety. Consult to your doctor about the inoculation that you have to obtain before trekking to Everest Base Camp. For more information visit CDC website.

Travel Insurance Documents for EBC trek:

That must cover personal medical, flight cancellation, lost luggage, trip cancellation, helicopter rescue, air ambulance etc.

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