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Everest Base Camp Trek in June

By mid-June, torrential rains finally begins & remaining trekkers start to left the routes. All mountaineers and EBC expedition team retrace their step back to Lukla. This is the sign of off-season in everest region and even other trekking region of Nepal. In order to travel to Everest base camp trek in June, you must prepare properly. It’s understandable that rainfall is common during this time of year. However, if you keep an eye on the weather prediction and wait patiently at your trekking shelter along the route, trekking will be a fantastic experience.

Everest Base Camp Trek in June

Actually, monsoon season starts in June. The weather will be similar to May in the beginning. Precipitation will become more constant from mid-June. Most days, however, begin with a bright sky that gradually becomes cloudy and rainy as the day passes.

Trekking in the Himalayas is tough during the rainy season. The major issue we confront, particularly in the Everest region, is flight cancellation due to bad weather from/to Kathmandu or Ramechhap and Lukla. To trek in EBC, you’ll need some extra stopover days. It rains almost every day, making the roads muddy and slick, and the mountains are usually overcast. Some travelers, though, can be seen walking over the Himalayas.

Everest Base Camp Trek June Weather

The early half of the June is often ideal for trekkers to go Everest Base Camp. There will be some rain, but it will not be heavy. Even the weather is not so bad until mid-June. In higher up mountains, the rain doesn’t pour continuously from the morning to evening. However, the weather of monsoon starts to overcast after 12 noon. You must have rain coat or jacket or poncho in handy.

The temperature may range from lowest -1°C to highest 15°C around in Namche Bazaar. Don’t forget to carry rain jacket & backpack rain cover. Prefer teahouse lodge trek rather than camping tented trek.

Early June is the time of monsoon generally starts to arrives in Nepal. However, in the mid of June almost guaranteed of rainfall. Keep in mind that June receives less precipitation than in July & August. Hence, complete monsoon has not yet arrived in June.

But, in Kathmandu, rain clouds and humidity rise to unbearable proportion, while temperatures in the mountains are considerably cooler. In fact, the weather isn’t ideal for mountain viewing.

However, you need to prepare for rainy weather during the everest base camp trek while the humidity & clouds may obstruct your views. That for sure, it is hard to predict about the mountains weather in June & you should be lucky to see the mountains. Rarely the weather gets clear with half haze in the mountain.

As the monsoon winds come in mid-June, you’ll find distinct changes in consistent rainfall which can last for a couple of days at a time. Thus, most days begins with bright in the morning and gradually clouds overcast /cover the sky and rain start as the day progress.

Everest Base Camp Trek Temperature in June

Place AltitudeAvg .TemperatureMin .TemperatureMax .Temperature
Lukla2860 M / 9383 Ft15°C10°C18°C
Namche Bazaar3440 M / 11286 Ft10°C6°C17°C
Dingboche4410 M / 14469 Ft10°C-1°C15°C
Lobuche4910 M / 16109 Ft5°C-1°C 13°C
Gorakshep5180 M / 16995 Ft3°C-1.5°C11°C

Everest Base Camp Trek in June: Advantage & Disadvantage

In Nepal, June is the low season. Many hotels offer discounted prices during the off-season. The majority of walking paths are neglected as they become inconvenient or impassable. In June, trekking to Everest Base Camp may be challenging. Anyone may accomplish it; however, extra caution is needed during the planning phase. For a safe and enjoyable trip, prepare properly and pick a good, trusted trekking organization with good recommendations and guides.


  • You’ll have a more exciting trip and more intriguing stories to share with your friends.
  • There won’t be a lot of people on the trail & no more pollutions along the route due to rain wash.
  • There will be a wide range of accommodation and food alternatives available to you.
  • The Himalayas and the lush green surrounding sceneries will fascinate you.
  • You would like the EBC trip if you’re the one who is fascinated by flora.
  • Ask for free hot shower during the trekking in June in Everest region.


  • On the path, summer creatures such as insects and leeches are very busy up to Phakding.
  • Because of the poor weather, Lukla flights from/to are frequently canceled.
  • Muddy paths and obstructive vistas due to damp and humid weather.
  • Rainfall below Dingboche and snowfall at higher elevations.
  • Be careful that the trail will be muddy and slick.

Suggested Everest Region Trek Route in June

If you are thinking to trek in Everest Region in June, better early half of the months. In early June, you may be lucky to see the mountains and not caught by any rain. Trekking after the half of months will likely be caught by rain in Low land & snow in highland. However, the temperature increases and humidity might obstruct the views.

Many trekkers do not like to travel during the monsoon season. Because, there will be more chances of flight cancellation due to inclement weather. You should have some extra days to trek EBC in this month, even if the flight cancels for couple of days – your extra days will recover the trip. You must have enough days to do trek in June & must be able to tackle or fight against flight delays or cancellation.

What are the alternatives for Everest Base Camp Trek in June?

Some people would like to go via overland through jeep or bus up to Jiri or Salleri and trek to Lukla for 3 to 5 days – later continue over Namche bazaar and EBC. However, the possibilities of experiencing unsafe landslides may occur after half of the June, although most people would agree that hiking in the rainy season isn’t the more enjoyable experience. But, if you are interested in flora & fauna, monsoon season is best time for trekking in Nepal.

Namche Bazaar is a great way to avoid lengthy days trekking in rainy season in the Everest area. It’s two days trekked from Lukla, where you’ll see and experience some breathtaking sights. There’s a chance you’ll catch spectacular sunrise or sunset views not far from Namche Bazaar. If you’re looking for an overnight walk, try the day treks and the occasional overnight walk if circumstances are suitable.

Trekking in June does not mean that you are not able to see the mount Everest. Thus, you are required to be a patience and calm during the trekking. You’ll notice that rain mostly at lower elevation and as you go higher elevation the rain slows down (less rainfall). So, you must agree to tackle the rainfall for few days to see Everest from base camp. Keep in mind that it is very hard to predict about the weather of EBC in June, July & August. Very soon it will be clear & in a few minutes hazy.

Everest Base Camp Trek June Packing List

Time is crucial in general, but more so while packing. Set aside some time for packing and make sure you have adequate time. You’ll either miss out something or pack superfluous items if you rush to pack your trekking essential. Don’t be afraid to take a few days off from work to packing a trekking gear.

Check to see if the items you’re packing are appropriate or necessary for the adventure. You can also carry a light and convenient backpack. Don’t pack everything that comes to mind, just make sure it’s not too much for your trekking.

The best advice for all hikers is to pack minimally and intelligently. You should bring all of the necessary equipment for the Everest Base Camp Trek in June.

Everest Base Camp trekking equipment for June.

  • Purchase a backpack with a suitable waist strap.
  • Trekking Boot
  • Light shoes to use in the lodges in the morning and late afternoon
  • Two or three nylon or cotton T-shirts
  • Sleeping bag
  • First-aid kit (Sufficient medical requirements).
  • Wind and water proof trousers
  • Light weight trouser to wear in the lodges
  • Light weight warm gloves
  • Suntan lotion or cream
  • Warm sweater that protects chest
  • Down or fleece jacket
  • Woolen hat
  • Rain Jacket or Poncho
  • Torch light / head lamp
  • Sun glasses that protect from UV
  • Sun Hat – Wide Brim that can cover face & neck
  • Small towel that dry quickly
  • Three to Four pair of thick & thin socks

The above checklists are a must. You can, however, make your selection based on your own experience and judgement. You may also like to read the Everest Base Camp Trek packing list.

Nepal Festival & Events in June

Nepal is the country rich in cultural diversity and have number of festivals celebrated by different ethnic group with their own tradition & custom.

Asar 15 (Ropain Diwas): For centuries, the 15th day of the month of Asar (or Aashadh), known as Asar 15, has been observed as an agricultural celebration. The practice was sanctioned by the government a few years ago, and it was started celebrating it as Ropain Diwas or Dhan Diwas (National Rice Plantation Day or National Paddy Day).

This is purely a farming event that takes place every year. It was on June 29, 2021. This festival normally falls in late June or early July. Ropain Diwas has a strong connection with people in practically every section of the country, and it has a significant impact on their economic and social lives. Non-family members of the community also congregate to savor the typical dish of dahi-chiura (yoghurt and beaten rice).

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