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Everest Base Camp Trek In March

Namche Bazaar Rest Day

Are you looking to do Everest Base Camp trek in March? You are in a right time. In March, the bright, sunny days of spring arrive as the chill of winter fades. This month start to calling adventure trekkers who are waiting since long days to see the top of the world. After the winter, marks the beginning of the hiking season.

Everest base Camp trek in March

The month of March marks the start of the spring season. The finest time to visit Everest base camp is during these months. There will be bright days and pleasant weather from the beginning until the end of the month. However, it offers a wonderful and breathtaking perspective of Mount Everest. In addition, the road will be less congested, and a trip to Mount Everest’s base camp provides a true sense of adventure. You’ll also get the opportunity to participate in Nepal’s Holi celebration, which is a colorful event.

Remember that the weather in early March is quite cold, particularly at night (about -15°C or below). March, on the other hand, is the ideal month to visit Everest base camp since the mountain views are much greater than in April.

It’s a good idea to bring rain and snow gear, especially if you’re trekking in the second half of the month. Rain and hail are expected towards the end of the month.

Everest Base Camp Trek March Weather

In the beginning of march, it’s still a little cold outside. The average temperature at Everest Base Camp is about -15°C. Remember, temperature decrease dramatically at night. There is a significant temperature difference throughout day & night.

The lowest temperature is -5°C, while the highest temperature is 10°C on average. Nonetheless, you won’t be upset by the cold while you are in Everest Base Camp trek in March trip. Because the daylight lengthens, you’ll have plenty of time to reach the other destination throughout the day.

After sunrise, the temperature rises significantly, so you’ll be met with bright sunny walks. Bear in mind, though, that the weather in the Everest region is variable. You could be disturbed by unexpected chilly wind. So, you have to be prepared for the cold any time of the year.

Rain in march is uncommon, therefore there will excellent possibility of seeing clear mountain views. The humidity rises as the temperature increases particularly after couple of weeks. You’ll have clear views of mountains, but not as sharp or consistent as they were in the winter.

The main benefit of trekking in march is that you feel much warmer temperature than in January & February. While snow linger at higher elevations, and unexpected precipitation might throw plans off at any time. However, almost all part of the trail snows melted out by now. Thus, you have to dress warmly for the cold – the average temperature in Tengboche in march will be around -2°C Night to 10°C in a Day.

Everest Base Camp Trek Temperature in March

Place AltitudeAvg .TemperatureMin .TemperatureMax .Temperature
Lukla2860 M / 9383 Ft7.5°C3°C13°C
Namche Bazaar3440 M / 11286 Ft5.5°C-4°C10°C
Dingboche4410 M / 14469 Ft-2°C-12.5°C7°C
Lobuche4910 M / 16109 Ft-6°C-13.5°C 3°C
Gorakshep5180 M / 16995 Ft-7°C-15°C2°C

Everest Base Camp Trek in March: Advantage & Disadvantage

Whenever you travel, you have advantage & disadvantage period of season. Some people say that march is the best time to travel, other say march isn’t as popular as April. Some says, to see the mountains you should be lucky. Sometimes even in peak season traveler does not get lucky to see the Himalayas due to the climatic changes in high mountains. Is it good time to trek Everest Base Camp in march? Here, I am going to write about the benefit & drawbacks of EBC trek in march.


  • The clean, fresh weather of early spring arrives in March.
  • The temperature becomes more appropriate for trekking & the number of backpackers rises slightly.
  • Bring new bud of flower; bird start to sing and the most beautiful snow mountains.
  • The paths going up to Everest Base Camp become slowly busy.
  • Although there will be a minor increase of trekkers, you can still take your time and enjoy the walk.
  • The mountain ranges seen without being obscured by clouds.
  • Be able to find accommodation space without any trouble.
  • The weather is perfect, and the vista is equally spectacular.


  • The skies are clear in the morning, although overcast skies may be expected in the afternoon.
  • Until half of the months, there will be cold temperature & chances of less precipitation due to change in season.
  • The average night temperature drops up to -10°C. Which will be cold night.
  • Due to the regular changes in Lukla’s climate, flights are occasionally delayed.
  • The hard snow will remain at the trail at higher elevations until end of March which make slippery trail.

Suggested Everest Region Trek Route in March

In March, almost every trekking routes are ready for the traveler to welcome. There are many trekking routes in everest region from peace path to crowded. Off course the Everest Base Camp is very popular and crowed trekking routes. However, there are also other peaceful trekking route, such as Gokyo Lake trek.

In early march, I will not recommend to trek for some of the really isolated destination such as Chola pass or three pass treks. For the reason, the weather at high elevations will still be chilly, particularly hard snow may cause accident and injuries (need technical equipment to cross the pass).

In fact, March marks the start of the spring trek season, many teahouses will reopen after their winter gap. Hence, many tourists are starving to reach at Everest Base Camp. Slowly the domestic airport starts to get busy with number of tourists. Eponymous glacier lake of Gokyo which are known for their turquoise water wait for tourist.
Another, Tengboche Monastery, one of the most significant Buddhist monasteries of Khumbu region waits for the chanting. If you go little further, Dingboche, a small hamlet waits for the acclimatization trekkers. Off course, Everest Base Camp is fantastic part of the trek that most trekkers overlook & wish to be there.

If you desire a more challenging trek than an ordinary base camp trek, climbing to Island peak (ImjaTse peak) is a good option. This Island peak is at the height of 6189 M, lies behind Chhukung valley of Dingboche. It is difficult to climb but not technically like any other peak. If you are first time in Everest region then better to choose to go Everest Base Camp (5364 M) – a popular spot to be near at the top of the world.

Everest Base Camp Trek March Packing List

Before you pack the gear list for the EBC trek in March, you should know some basic requirements. In fact, almost all teahouses in EBC trek give blankets, bringing your own sleeping bag is always a smart idea. Some travelers feel stingy to use blanket provided by tea house lodge. Some nicer hotel even supplies the good one.
Wear woolen hats, gloves, stockings, and scarves, as well as nice merino and synthetic fiber clothing. It’s a good idea to put some sunscreen on before going outside. If you get too overheated, down & fleece Jacket are ideal because they’re light and easy to pack away.

Here’s a list of everything you’ll need for an EBC trekking in March.


-Tops that wick away moisture
-Merino Base Layers
-Thermal Wear
-Hiking Pants That Convert
-Underwear for Hiking

Footwear for Cold Weather:

-In the cold, gaiters are a must.
-Boots for hiking
-Socks to wear while hiking
-Sandals after your arrival at lodges

Best Jacket for EBC Trek in March:

-Waterproof Shell Jacket
-Down Jacket
-Synthetic Insulated Jacket
-Wind stopper Jacket

Hands & Head Wear

-UV-protected polarized Sunglasses
-Warm hat for morning & night
-A bandana, or a scarf
-Warm thin & thick Gloves
-Sun Hat – Ensure it has a wide brim to cover face & neck.

Personal Hygiene & Toiletries

-Personal bathroom set; Such as conditioner, shampoo, Soap, toilet paper, tissue etc.)
-Sanitizer – Antibacterial
-Moisturizer cream
-Wipes that are damp
-Toothbrushes and toothpaste are essential for maintaining good oral hygiene.
-Towels that dry quickly
-Products for women’s hygiene


Best backpack for EBC Trek
-Trekking Poles
Best Sleeping Bag for EBC (Duck or Goose Down)
-Bottle for personal use
-Kit of First Aid
-Additional plastic bags to keep garbage to store your waste while traveling.

Other Items to Consider

-Map of the Trail
-Pen & diary

Nepal Festival & Events in March

The culture and traditions of the Everest region is largely influenced by Tibetan Buddhist. There are many festivals in Nepal that are mostly based upon the Hindu traditions, thus they are not generally observed in the mountainous region of Nepal.

There are some of the festival that you can observe & participate in march is one of the following festivals in Kathmandu before or after your Everest base camp trek.

Maha Shiva Ratri (the holy night of lord Shiva): Shiva Ratri, virtually meaning the night dedicated to lord Shiva,’ falls on the 14th day of the waning moon in late February early march. The temple of Pashupatinath in Kathmandu is visited by hundred of thousand devotees from different parts of Nepal & India.

Fagu (Holi – The Festival of Color): This festival begins with the installation of chir (umbrella like tires) on the eight day of the waxing moon in March and concludes on the full moon day. At this time, entire city turns into a sea of colors as people smear each other’s face with color. The main color is the vermilion.

Ghode Jatra (The procession of horses): This festival is celebrated on the 14th day of the dark wax fortnight of March-April. A demon called Gurumapa and idols of many gods are carried on a small chariot by a procession of thousands of people in Kathmandu. The Nepal army organizes a spectacular show of horse racing and stunts in Tundikhel, Kathmandu.

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