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Everest Base Camp Trek Cost for Indian

Everest base camp trek cost for Indian will obviously be the great adventure trip for them to be near at the world highest peak of Nepal. This base camp of mount Everest is every mountaineers bucket list. You’ll realize it was a wonderful decision you’ve made when you see stunningly beautiful views and unlike any alpine environment you’ve ever seen – ranging from beautiful landscape, ferocity of blue river, rhododendron & pine forest, glacial moraine & many more.

Almost every major trek has a network of tea houses where you can overnight stay and eat freshly prepared hearty meals. If you are athletic and know how to tackle the situation of altitude sickness, you can trek alone without a guide and porter.

You must carefully manage your finances if you are considering a solo trek to Everest Base Camp. You need to bring enough cash for your food and lodging. The reason is that, as you go higher up, the temptations increase in terms of exorbitant prices for food, beverages, and amenities.

Here I am going to clarify the Everest base camp trek cost for Indians. I’ve divided down the cost of Everest trekking in India into the following categories: Transportation, Accommodation, Food & Drinks, Internet, Guide & Porters, Tipping or Tips, Trek & Permit, etc.

Things to Know Before Everest Base Camp Trek Cost from India

The Everest base camp trek package from India is much cheaper than for any other international citizen. The reason is that India does not require a VISA to enter Nepal. They just need to show proof (passport or citizenship, or driving license, etc.) that they belong to India.

Due to the open border between Nepal and India, there are many other alternative ways to reach Kathmandu, from airways to overland. If you are thinking of the cost of the Mount Everest base camp trek for Indians, then the airfare price and permit fees are very cheap compared to Westerners and Australians. The accommodation and food prices are the same for all people. In fact, everything is carried by porters or yaks up to the high mountains’ lodges. Hence, you should not expect very high service in Everest base camp trek.

How to trek to Everest base Camp in Nepal?

Lukla is a gateway for treks to Everest Base Camp. In the beginning, you must find a way to reach at Tenzing Hillary airport (2860 m). To do it, you must first travel to Kathmandu. The only realistic and fast alternative way to get to Lukla from Kathmandu is to fly by plane or helicopter. If you prefer to go via overland, it takes over 4 to 5 days to get to Lukla from Kathmandu.

Kathmandu to Lukla flight cost for Indians is on average NPR 14000 to NPR 15000 (cost fluctuates according to the season). Flights between Kathmandu and Lukla are frequently delayed or postponed. So, before scheduling your ongoing flight from Kathmandu, make sure you leave a couple of days prior to prepare for the EBC trek.

Keep in mind that, during the high season, the flight will be diverted to Ramechhap (Manthali Airport), which is 132 km from Kathmandu. Another is that if you finish your trek earlier than expected, you can easily rearrange your ticket back to Kathmandu/Ramechhap from Lukla. Airlines do not charge for rescheduling due to the uncertainty of the weather forecast over the mountains. Because the weather changes within a very short time, it is very hard to predict the weather in the mountains.

Accommodation in EBC Trek

On the Everest Base Camp trip, you stay in teahouse lodges. These are small lodges with two beds in each room. One lodge can accommodate up to 25 to 30 people at a time, depending on places and teahouses. There is no doubt that in all tea houses, fresh food is offered.

During the Everest base camp, a room provided by a tea house cost an average of NPR 500 to NPR 1000 per day. If you are looking bit more luxury NPR 1500 to NPR 2000 at high altitude depending on places, & if demand is really high it could be more. In Lobuche & Gorakshep, you will get very basic standard of accommodation with twin share basis.

Some times in a peak season, you have to adjust in multi share basis. Keep in mind that you must, however, consume your meals at the same teahouse lodge where you are staying, particularly night dinner and morning breakfast.

Food in EBC Trek

The cost of food is likely to be the most expensive aspect of your journey in Nepal. Every teahouse in the lodges offers delicious warm food, whereas you have to choose from quite all-inclusive menus.

For instance, Dal Bhat (trekking version)—which contains rice, dal soup with vegetables available locally. Everything from roti (flat bread) with curry, fried rice, to momo, porridge, pizza, dessert, etc. However, they all come with a price on the menus.

To give you an idea about the cost of food, here are some examples:

  • Breakfast: (Plain Omelets, Toast with Jam & Honey)

Lukla: Veg Omelet (NPR 400) | Toast with Jam & honey (NPR 350)
Lobuche: Veg Omelet (NPR 600) | Toast with Jam & honey (NPR 500)

  • Lunch & Dinner: (Dal Bhat, Momo)

Lukla: Dal Bhat (NPR 500) | Momo (NPR 450)
Lobuche: Dal Bhat (NPR 700) | Momo (NPR 700)

  • Hot Drinks (Black Tea, Hot Water 1 Liter)

Lukla: Black Tea Cup (NPR 70) | Hot Water 1 Liter (NPR 300)
Lobuche: Black Tea Cup (NPR 150) | Hot Water 1 Liter (NPR 600)

As you go higher, the price of food does increase. If you are very hungry et Dhal Vat, the food is nutritious and there is no limit to how much you may eat. Carry your favorite snacks too, like chocolate Bar, dry fruits, mint etc. Even during the EBC trekking there will not any fix time amid the day.

Drinking Water

Almost all teahouse, tap water is safe to drink. But it is advisable to carry a purification tablet or drop or filter. The reason is that, we always wish everyone to have a healthy & happy trek.

In some place like Gorakshep, the water is not safe to drink as well there is lack of proper drinking water. Because, they melt ice for cooking food. You must purchase drinking water for NPR 350 to NPR 400 per liter.
Purification filter bottle is recommended for Everest Base Camp Trek, if you really want to drink a tap water available along the route.

The following is a cost estimate for 1 liter of treated filter water: NPR
a) 100 to 150 NPR: Lukla, Phakding, and Namche

b) 250 to 300 NPR: Dingboche

c) 350 to 400 NPR: Lobuche & Gorakshep

Wi-Fi Internet

Internet Wifi is available at all teahouse in Everest base camp trek. But wire internet penetration is very slow. If you buy the everest link Wifi could be better. Because it provides the better-quality service that works according to data purchase.

In fact, Everest link WIFI (1 GB = Rs. 600 |10 GB= Rs. 2000 | 20 GB= Rs. 3000 | Validity: 30 days from the first use. Good for one device only. 1GB card will valid only for lodge where you are staying. 10GB & 20GB work everywhere inside the lodge or wherever there is Everest link connection).

If you go outside local restaurant such as Namche Bazaar, there are some cafes who provide the free Wifi service if you eat or drink there. But, this can only possible when you are at Namche bazaar. Before you move to the next destination, make sure you’ve finished all of your calls and texts.

Device Charging

Don’t forget to carry extra battery for your mobile or camera. Charging your device during the EBC trek is very expensive. The cost ranges from NPR 200 to NPR 1000. You may have wonder where it may take. Actually, the cost will increase as you go up & up. For instance;

Device Charging from Lower to Higher Elevation
1) Lower Elevation like Phakding, Chumoa, Monjo – NPR 200 to NPR 250 for charging devices.

2) Medium Elevation like Namche, Kyangjuma, Tengboche – NPR 300 to NPR 500 for charging devices.

3) Higher Elevation like Dingboche, Lobuche, Gorakshep – NPR 500 to NPR 1000 Per Device Charging.

Keep in mind that, for charging your device, you must go to dining hall of tea house lodge. Suggest to bring a universal charging portal. You must keep watching time to time for your valuable while charging- If lost, nobody will responsible for theft. Very rare chances of getting theft, in case of lost, you have to be answerable by yourself.

SIM Cards

In NPR 500, you can buy a local SIM cards (Ncell & NTC) at any of the cybercafé or at the airport. This Nepalis Sim card is useful for calling your friends and family when you are in Everest Base camp trek. This SIM cards works up to Pangboche. NTC even work at Gorakshep.

Sometimes, this SIM cards play good role for Internet also if you get 4G network along the route. Usually you can use for calling your friends & family. A 30-minute call to India will set you back roughly NPR 50. If you want to make a call for conversation, add 0124 to the Indian number you dial, the call will be less expensive.

Trek permits

Trek permits is also comes under the everest base camp trek cost for Indian. Before 2018, to go to Everest Base Camp, it was compulsion to take TIMS card (Trekkers’ Information Management System). Now, you don’t need to purchase TIMS cards for trekking to EBC from Kathmandu.

  • However, you are required to purchase the Khumbu Rural Municipality – Local Permit from Lukla (along the route to EBC) which cost NPR 2000 per person.
  • Moreover, you’ll also need to purchase Sagarmatha National Park – Entry permit from Monjo (along the route to EBC) which cost NPR 1500 + 13% VAT = NPR 1695.

Keep in Mind that to enter protected areas of Nepal, you must first get a park entry permit. In the contest of Everest Base camp, you can obtain all your permit during the trek along the route since you arrive at Lukla.

Guide and Porter

Do I need to hire a guide & porter for EBC trek? Yes, the reason to hire guide & porter is for your safety. They are really in need while you are going to high altitude. Even better for you to understand about their lifestyle & culture of mountain settlements.

They are truly hero of the mountains. Their major sources of income are from tourism. There is no doubt, they help you a lot and make you feel like home. Your guide & porter are really helpful amid the Everest Base Camp Trek.

Before you begin your trek, you can hire a guide & a porter. This can be done in either Kathmandu or Lukla. Porters are available in Lukla which will arrange by your guide. If you hire a guide from Kathmandu, you should pay the cost of flight for him/her & you’ll have great chance to understand about your guide.

If you choose to hire from Lukla, cannot make guarantee that your guide is nice & clever. Actually, the cost of hiring a guide and porters is INR 3500 & INR 2000 Per Day Per Person respectively. You must pay them in cash if they are local guides & porters who were not contracted through an agency.

If you choose to hire a guide or porter once you get in Lukla, ask around in the hotels for recommendations. Hiring guides and porters through an agency is better than hiring them on your own.

Money in Nepal

The most common way to receive Nepalese rupees are credit cards, ATMs, traveler cheque, bank & money exchange counters. The major cash currencies for converting to NPR are the US dollar, the British pound, the Euro, the Japanese yen, and the Indian rupee.

Visa, Mastercard, debit & credit cards are accepted almost everywhere in big cities like Kathmandu. However, once you’ve started your journey, everest base camp trek cost for Indian will have to pay for everything in Nepali cash in the Mountains. Cards are not accepted at most of the teahouses. If you have lesser known currency. It’s best to change in Kathmandu city.

In Nepal, just a few ATMs accept Indian debit & credit cards. For instance, Everest Bank accept VISA Cards & SCT. In addition, SBI ATMs accept Visa, Cirrus & Union Pay debit cards. SBI bank ATMs accept Cirrus, Mastercard, Visa Electron, Maestro, VISA & other foreign debit cards.

Keep in mind that some fee charges will be taken by banks while receiving the amount from ATMs. A transaction fee of NPR 56 is charged when withdrawing money from an SBI Nepal ATM. For credit card cost NPR 500 for each transaction. As a result, it is recommended that you bring enough cash with you that can be changeable in Nepal.

Tipping or Tips

In fact, tipping is not a culture of South Asia. However, due to influence of Westerner and American, especially, guide, porter & drivers are expecting a tip. Tipping is a major source of income for them.

Tipping is a personal matter that is not included in your cost if you are in a guided trip. It is entirely up to you whether or not you will recognize the efforts of anyone who has worked hard to make your vacation the better.
Recommend to collect from you each NRs.500 per day for porter, NRs.600 for guide & NRs.160 for Driver. This is a typical tip for EBC trek guides and porters provided by Indian tourists after succeeding the trek.

Travel Insurance

This Everest base camp trek goes up to 5364 meters or 5550 meters (Kalapatthar). Therefore, it is strongly advised that you purchase all inclusive travel insurance for the EBC trek before departing from your home country.

Your personal travel insurance should include coverage for personal injury, medical expenses, emergency evacuation (including helicopter evacuation), and personal liability (theft of items and even materials).

I also recommend that it cover the loss of baggage and personal belongings. If you have this evidence, it will be quite useful in your emergency situation.

World Nomad is highly recommended for travel insurance companies for the EBC trek. This insurance company includes all the necessary equipment for the trek in Nepal. From medical emergency to personal effects up to 6000 meters.

everest base camp trek for indian

How Much Money Do I Need for the Everest Base Camp Trek?

Actually, the money for Everest base camp is determine by types of facilities you prefer, basic or luxury. You need to bring a cash money for local payment like budget for drinks, emergency fund, departure tax, tipping or tips, extra expenses, etc.

Don’t forget to carry an enough cash for your trekking to Everest base Camp. You need a Nepali rupee to buy anything’s in the mountains. Indian Rupees doesn’t work while paying for food or lodging or any other purpose.
For the EBC trek, you’ll require at least NPR 4500 per day for your food & lodging. If you hire a guide & porter, the cost will be higher. Don’t forget to carry additional funds in case of an emergency.

Everest Base Camp Trek Cost in Indian Rupees (INR)

I’ve developed a detail study of the trek expenditures for 12 Nights / 13 Days Mount everest base camp trek cost for Indian. I hope this cost will help you in arranging your budget while trekking in everest area.

Estimation of Costs for an Indian Trekker Traveling Alone or Guided trip:

  • Flight from KTM – LUKLA – KTM: INR 8750 x 2 Way = INR 17500 (Average cost)
  • EBC Trek Permit: 938 + 13 % VAT = INR 1060
  • EBC Local Permit: INR 1250 Per Person
  • Basic Accommodation (Twin Share): INR 450 (Average cost) x 12 Nights = INR 5400 (Average)
  • Lukla, Phakding, Tengboche, Pheriche, Kyangjuma, Chumoa: INR 450 x 6 Nights = INR 2700
  • Namche Bazaar: NPR 500 Per Head (For room NPR 1000) = INR 313 x 2 Nights = INR 626
  • Dingboche: INR 450 x 2 Nights = INR 900 | Lobuche & Gorakshep: INR 450 x 2 Nights = INR 900

During the EBC trek, few teahouse lodges provide accommodation with a bathroom. You must pay an additional fee for an attached room. The cost will be determined by the trekking season. Normally, it costs between INR 625 and INR 1250, could be more according to demand.

You should also be aware of the following expenses in extra to the basics:

  • Cost of Hiring a Porter: INR 1250 Per Day – (You don’t need to pay for the lodging & fooding)
  • Cost of Hiring a Guide: INR 2000 Per Day – (You don’t need to pay for the lodging & fooding)
  • Tipping or Tips: From you each INR 313 Per day for Porter, INR 375 for Guide, INR 100 for driver which will be 20 to 25 % of total wages.
  • Hot Shower: Teahouse lodge have separate hot shower bathroom – INR 250 – INR 500 Per Shower.
  • Charging Device: Need to go at dining hall for charging – INR 125 to INR 625 Per Device.
  • Internet Wi-fi: Everest link WIFI (1 GB = INR. 375 |10 GB= INR 1250 | 20 GB= INR 1875 | (Validity: 30 days after initial use. It’s only good for one device. The 1GB card is only good for the lodge where you are staying. The 10GB and 20GB packs activate throughout the lodge and everywhere where there is an Everest link connection.)

Everest Trek Cost from India

The average cost with lodging, food, and trekking permit for a 12 night/13 day EBC trek package for Indians will be INR 27,500. If you include a guide and porter, and fly from India to Kathmandu, the Everest base camp trek package from India will be around INR 88000/-( If you prefer to come by overland from India to Kathmandu, it will be cheaper, average cost will be about INR 3000 per person for a one-way ticket (Delhi to Kathmandu or Inversely).

Finally, if you plan to go to Everest base camp during peak season, make your decision two months ahead of time. Accordingly, contact several travel ticketing offices for assistance in booking your trip to Lukla from either Kathmandu or Ramechhap.

If you want us to take care of everything, please let us know how many people will be trekking, how many days they will be trekking, and when they will be trekking. Please include as much information as possible so that we can provide you with a price quote and continue to provide you with the best service possible.

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