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Everest Base Camp Trek in April

Everest Base Camp Trek in April is yet another popular hiking month in Nepal. In the upper Himalaya, weather is typically mild, not too chilly, and rainy season is still a few weeks away. This is a mid-point of spring & optimum season for adventure trekkers. The world highest peak mount everest attracts a large number of passionate trekkers in April.

Everest base camp trek in April

There is no doubt, the ideal months to trek to Everest Base Camp are April and May. The sun is shining brighter, and rhododendrons and other flowers are blooming further down the trail. April is a great month for trekking because of all of these factors.

There will be plenty of time with sunlight for you to explore. Many climbers may be seen acclimating in base camp before commencing on their Everest expedition. The weather is lovely in April with pleasant temperatures even at higher elevations.

Furthermore, April is one of the busiest months for trekking in Nepal’s Himalayas. The weather is typically stable, and the views of the high mountains are clear. The path is quite busy for days or weeks due to the large number of porters, animals, and international hikers.

April has sporadic rather than steady rainfall. Unexpected rain and snow, on the other hand, vanish in a short period of time. There will be a higher probability of rain in the evening, but it will be clear in the morning. Being ready for rain, snow, and UV exposure is always a smart idea.

Everest Base Camp Trek April Weather

April is the most beautiful month of the year. This indicates it’s dry, brilliant, and the perfect time to go Everest Base Camp Trek. In April, the average temperature at Everest Base Camp is about -12°C. The temperature, on the other hand, only decreases dramatically at night. The lowest temperature is -5°C, while the highest temperature is 15°C on average.

In this month, the weather will greet you with bright sunny days with clear sky. Furthermore, the daylight is longer than January & February. You’ll have enough time to enjoy the spectacular views of high Himalayas. Keep I mind, sometimes the weather might get bad due to global warming climatic changes. Hence, you must have enough essential warms gear if needed.

According to my experience in April over everest base camp, this month is perfect time for trekking if you love calm & clear weather with wonderful mountain views. Though the temperature in Kathmandu is quite hot in April, but trekking in everest region is still cooler, because of height. The April temperature in Namche Bazaar (3440 M) ranges from 2°C to 15°C. As you go higher height, the weather will be cooler.

In April, there will less probability of rain. The humidity rises later in the month, hiding some part of the mountains. Although, the skies are brilliant, but not as that in the wintertime, the heat ratio will be in your favor in April.

Everest Base Camp Trek Temperature in April

Place AltitudeAvg .TemperatureMin .TemperatureMax .Temperature
Lukla2860 M / 9383 Ft12°C5°C18°C
Namche Bazaar3440 M / 11286 Ft 6°C2°C14°C
Dingboche4410 M / 14469 Ft 5°C-1°C9°C
Lobuche4910 M / 16109 Ft 3°C-2°C 6.5°C
Gorakshep5180 M / 16995 Ft -2°C-5°C4.5°C

Everest Base Camp Trek in April: Advantage & Disadvantage

April is the mid-month of spring season. This time many visitor com to visit Everest base camp. The trail is fill with full of tourists, porters & goods transported animals, like yak & mules. Although the weather is perfect this time of the year. Snow and rain are the less chance to fall. Furthermore, the low rainfall of the season provides the clearest views of the Himalayan range. In addition to the beautiful scenery and unique mountaintop villages. There are both pros & cons, therefore, I am going to mention below some advantage & disadvantage of EBC trekking in April.


  • You’ll be able to see the hikers heading to the peak of Mt. Everest.
  • Brightens and clears skies with awe-inspiring high mountain views.
  • You will find Everest base camp trek in April is best time to go.
  • You may take advantage of the longer days and shorter nights in April.
  • You’ll have plenty of opportunities to explore scenic landscape during the day.
  • The trees have a fresh green appearance and are in the process of blossoming.
  • You’ll see the world’s tallest mountain, Mount Everest (8,848 m) from its Base Camp 5,364 m.


  • Too much crowed along the route to everest base.
  • Need a pre booking service for accommodation in higher altitude.
  • Trail gets busy leading up to Everest base camp.
  • Hikers must wait their time to snap a photo Everest Base Camp.
  • There are a lot of climbers’ tents near Everest Base Camp.
  • Very difficult to get the space for sitting & eating along the tea house dining room.

Suggested Everest Region Trek Route in April

If you are sure to go Everest Base Camp Trek, April is an excellent time. That for sure, you will see number of tourists along the route that are arriving from different part of the world. If you want quitter pathways with stunning views of mountains without any obstruction, there are also alternate trails over lapping with EBC.

For Instance; the journey to the magnificent blue glacial lakes of Gokyo offers wonderful views of Everest & other surrounding Himalayas. If you are adventure trekker, the three-pass trek is an excellent alternative to experience in this month of April. In this trek, you will pass three toughest trekking passes of the world at the same time.

Another fantastic trekking along the EBC route for the beginner is Tengboche Monastery or Everest Panorama together with Everest view trek. Tengboche Monastery is one of the historical Buddhist monument sites of the Khumbu region.

If you want to explore little further up to 4576 M, Amadblam Base Camp trek is wonderful option which most of the people prefer before EBC trek. Another, if you want more isolated route to Everest Base Camp trek, Arun Valley Trek to EBC is very popular. This trek normally starts from east of Everest between Sagarmatha National Park & Makalu Barun National Park, accordingly, ends at Kalapatthar (5550 M).

If you are looking little more difficult task, April is excellent time to climb Island peak (6189 M) and Mera Peak (6476 M). Both are lies in Everest region. Both of them are difficult but not very much technically difficult than any other peak in Everest region. You know, Mera Peak is Nepal’s highest trekking mountain. The adventure is particularly unique since it takes you into the isolated Hinku and Hongu Valleys.

Everest Base Camp Trek April Packing List

Spring is defined by the months of March, April, and May. It’s the season of rebirth, fresh starts, and new beginnings. Exotic surroundings, pristine wildlife, and pleasant temperatures await trekkers during the spring season. As a result, the Everest Base Camp Trek is best during this time of year.

The Everest Base Camp is a high-altitude trek, and the weather in the mountains is notoriously fickle, changing dramatically depending on weather conditions and altitude. As a result, trekkers must be cautious when preparing their gear and checklist for hiking in the Everest Region.

Here’s a checklist to help you pick the finest Everest Base Camp trek for your April itinerary.

  • If you are going to hire a porter then better to buy a duffel bag.
  • If you are independent trekker, better to buy Backpack (50 to 60 liter)
  • Daypack for your personal use items that are require for the day time.
  • Rain Cover that should be perfect size to protect your bags & other gear.
  • Trekking Clothes; Base layer, both full and half sleeve | Insulation layer | Outer Layer
  • Rain Coat or Rain Jacket or Poncho.
  • Comfortable, water proof and fleeced trousers.
  • Breathable and moisture wicking underwear
  • Cozy & light sleeve T-shirt to wear in the lodges
  • Extra short pants or trouser that make comfortable
  • Light wind proof jacket
  • Comfortable right size waterproof hiking boots
  • Sandals or light weight hiking shoes to wear in lodge.
  • Shoes Gaiters to protect from water, mud, snow & bugs.
  • Inner Layer & outer layer water proof gloves.
  • Wide brim hiking/trekking hat
  • Woolen Cap (Woolen beanie would be good choice).
  • Neck Gaiter to protect your nose and neck from cold.
  • Sleeping Bag (Duck or Goose Down – 600g to 700g Down)
  • Eye Mask & Ear Plugs
  • Trekking poles to reduce the joints pain while ascending & descending.
  • Sunglasses that protect from UV (Polarize would be good)
  • Head Lamp or torch light or flash light.
  • Two water bottles with each liter.
  • Gadgets like camera, portable charger, power bank, extra battery etc.
  • Guide book, Notebook, pen etc.
  • Require medications, first-aid kit and toiletries
  • Important Documents (Insurance, Passport, Cash Money)

Nepal Festival & Events in April

Along the route to Everest base camp, almost majority of people are Sherpa. In high altitude, the majority of Nepal’s Hindu festival are not celebrated. They have their own lifestyle and culture who lives around the Khumbu region. However, you may encounter Nepali New Year celebration & other festival – if you are in Kathmandu before or after your EBC trek.

Nava Barsa (New Year Day): In Nepal, the date of the festivals is fixed according to the lunar calendar that do not match with solar & angorian calendars. However, the official new year is celebrated according to solar calendar throughout the country with cheerfulness and exchange of best wishes. The solar calendar more then 2000 years old is based on Bikram Sambat (Era).

Bisket Jatra of Bhaktapur: In Bhaktapur, a historical town 16 Km east of Kathmandu, the new year day is celebrated in grand manner observing several religious rituals. The festival is called Bisket and it has its origin in the ancient history and mythology. This story narrates the saga of brave prince, who with the blessing of goddess Bhadrakali, killed the evil serpents which had till then mysteriously killed every suitor to the princess. This festival symbolizes the end of old year.

Mata Tirtha Puja: Mata Tirtha falls on the last day of the dark fortnight in April or early May. As it is the day to show respect, affection, and reverence to the mother, formally, sons and daughters offer her dishes, bow with deep respect and affection, and receive her blessings in return. She blesses them, touching their foreheads with her hands. All the family gather & enjoy, like a reunion day to see the happy face of the mother.

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